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10 Best Fortnite Clan Names in 2023

Having the best Fortnite gamertag or clan name is crucial when you want to leave a lasting impression on your opponents. A memorable name can make Fortnite players lose sleep, haunted by the memories of when you demolished them for the coveted Victory Royale. Dot is here to make it easy for you by offering a collection of the sweatiest clan names we could find.

Gone are the days of “X's” in names, mimicking FaZe trickshotting clans from Call of Duty. Players have become more creative now. Here are ten of the best sweaty and cool Fortnite clan names:

1. No Mercy: This name encapsulates the unforgiving nature of this clan. You'll regret facing them in Fortnite.
2. Omen: A tryhard clan name that might make you break a controller once you encounter them.
3. Dior: Just hope that Dior doesn't form a Fortnite esports team, or else you're in trouble. Bragging rights guaranteed after eliminating competitors.
4. Charge: A name that states your intentions from the start. Seeing “Charge” on the server might not bode well for your chances.
5. No Losses: Perfect for players who consistently dominate their opponents. If you rarely lose, this clan tag is for you.
6. Vega: Demonstrate your gaming experience and Street Fighter knowledge with this Spanish word for “meadow.” Your enemies won't mistake its true meaning after you eliminate them all.
7. Spite: Eliminating opponents out of pure spite takes on another level with this clan tag. It might make you switch to a different game altogether.
8. Wrath: Show your opponents the full extent of your “Wrath” as you dominate Tilted Towers. They won't be rolling their eyes when they meet a member of Wrath.
9. Prime: This name will test your sanity. Are you a dedicated Logan Paul or KSI fan? Or do you claim to be at the pinnacle of your gaming career? Either way, it'll drive your opponents up the wall.
10. East: While it may sound harmless, once you claim a region of the Fortnite map, your opponents will fear you. Heading east will be a one-way journey for your enemies.

Make sure to snatch these clan names quickly before someone else takes them. With these names, you'll not only make a memorable impression but also strike fear into the hearts of your opponents.