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7 Reasons Why Final Fantasy XIV on Xbox Consoles is Exciting

Last week, Game Director Naoki Yoshida and Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer announced that after a decade since the release of FFXIV: A Realm Reborn, the popular PC and PlayStation MMO is finally coming to Xbox Series X|S. The Xbox version will support 4K resolution, improved load times, full crossplay with other platforms, and cross-progression with a shared subscription. Here are seven reasons why you should be excited for FFXIV on Xbox:

1. Friendly and Supportive Community: FFXIV has an incredibly kind and supportive community. Existing players are quick to welcome and provide helpful tips to new players. Positive experiences are the norm, and you can expect to be part of a welcoming and inclusive community.

2. Easy to Learn: FFXIV is easy to pick up and play. The game's combat and questing mechanics are explained clearly as you progress, ensuring that you never feel lost or unsure. While the game may become more complex later on, you will already be comfortable with the core design and systems.

3. Play Every Job on One Character: Unlike other MMOs where you need multiple characters to try different roles and classes, FFXIV allows you to play every Job on a single character. You can switch between Jobs easily and create custom gear set loadouts for each Job.

4. Controller-friendly Gameplay: FFXIV is designed to be played on a controller and provides an intuitive experience. Xbox players will enjoy the game's robust gamepad controls. While chatting may require a keyboard, you can use pre-written responses with the Auto-Translate function.

5. Engaging Story: FFXIV offers a captivating story, with writing considered among the best in gaming. The narrative becomes especially gripping in the Heavensward DLC and continues to deliver rich storylines, deep character arcs, and fascinating lore.

6. Thriving Roleplaying Community: If you enjoy roleplaying, FFXIV has a vibrant scene. There are social hubs where players gather to meet and interact. Many players display customized Adventurer Plates with character details and interests. Housing areas also provide opportunities for players to create their own spaces.

7. Innovative Features and Expansions: FFXIV continuously introduces innovative features and expansions. The latest expansion, FFXIV: Endwalker, received an Excellence in Narrative Award. With regular updates, the game offers a dynamic and evolving experience for players.

FFXIV's arrival on Xbox consoles is highly anticipated, offering players a chance to experience this beloved MMO with enhanced visuals, crossplay, and a supportive community.