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A CS:GO Fan Impresses with Condom Man Cosplay at Anime Convention

At an anime convention in Malaysia, a CS:GO fan named Vincent Hoo made a stunning impression with his cosplay as Condom Man, one of the most infamous agent skins in the game. Known for the unique face-covering attire of the agent, the Number K skin has earned the nickname “Condom Man” within the CS:GO community.

Hoo went above and beyond in his cosplay, not only replicating Condom Man's outfit but also carrying a meticulously crafted replica of the AWP One Taiji skin. His attention to detail even extended to including a Crown (Foil) sticker on the scope of the replica, a popular choice among skin collectors. Photos of Hoo dressed as Condom Man can be found on his Instagram, showcasing his passion for cosplaying as the iconic agent.

The community has been quick to praise Hoo's cosplay, with fans on Reddit commenting on the accuracy of his outfit. One fan noted that Hoo had “got everything right,” referring to the inclusion of the crown sticker and superconductor sports gloves. Another fan commended the dedication and effort evident in Hoo's cosplay.

To acquire the Condom Man agent skin, an AWP One Taiji Factory New skin, and a Crown (Foil) sticker in CS:GO, one would need to spend approximately $1,800 based on Steam's community market prices. While the cost of Hoo's cosplay is unknown, it is likely considerably cheaper than purchasing the in-game items.

Vincent Hoo's Condom Man cosplay serves as a testament to the creativity and passion of CS:GO fans. With his attention to detail and commitment to accuracy, Hoo has captured the essence of the infamous agent skin and impressed the community with his remarkable cosplay.

Author: Leonardo Biazzi