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A New Challenge in Fortnite: Using Wasps as Weapons

If you are ready to tackle a unique challenge in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3, there's good news for you. The latest update introduces Wasps, buzzing insects that can be transformed into powerful weapons to aid you in battles. Dealing a hefty 100 damage using these Wasps is the key to conquering your weekly challenges.

To obtain Wasps, venture into the Jungle biome located in the eastern part of the map. This area is a haven for these elusive creatures, attracted to the exotic flora. To capture them, use the designated interaction button to confine them within a jar. Be cautious, as sudden movement might trigger their stinging frenzy. A single jar can hold up to six Wasps.

To protect yourself from their stings, embrace the shield of mud. Coat yourself with mud from the plentiful mudslides and pools in the Jungle biome. This camouflage will make you less noticeable to the Wasps, reducing the chances of an attack.

Armed with jars full of these fearsome animals, unleash their power on your adversaries. In Group Wedges mode, your ability to target opponents is improved. Locate your competitors and release the Wasps precisely, leaving a noticeable mark of impact.

As you inflict damage with the Wasps, your progress can be tracked on the quest tab situated on the left side of your screen. Each bit of damage adds to your tally. Once you reach the milestone of 100 damage, you will have completed the challenge and earned a Level 1 prize as a reward.

Remember, Wasps are exclusively found in the Jungle biome and vary in appearance and behavior. You can use the Wasps against both AI enemies and other players. The best strategy for capturing them is to approach slowly, press the interaction button, and use quick movements to secure them in a jar. Damage accumulation for the challenge persists across multiple matches.