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A Pokemon Shiny Hunter’s Three-Year Journey Comes to an Epic Conclusion

After an arduous three-year journey, Pokemon shiny hunter Reversal has finally achieved their goal of obtaining a special shiny Feebas. The Youtuber began their quest a staggering 1,383 days ago, casting their rod nearly 240,000 times before finally encountering the coveted shiny fish. The excitement and anticipation among viewers reached a fever pitch as the encounter was livestreamed and the long-awaited Feebas appeared on the screen.

Reversal's dedication to shiny hunting is evident from the staggering statistics displayed on their stream overlay. Prior to encountering the shiny Feebas, they had encountered 135 shiny Magikarps and 82 shiny Chewtles. Each shiny encounter was a step closer to the ultimate prize.

In a tweet following the encounter, Reversal shared the moment they triggered the evolution of Feebas into Milotic. They touch-traded with a friend, briefly causing panic when the connection was lost during the evolution screen. Fortunately, the Pokemon was not lost, and Reversal successfully added the yellow Milotic to their collection.

The timing of the shiny hunt's conclusion couldn't have been more perfect, as the release of The Teal Mask DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet was just hours away at the time. This would likely have put a temporary halt to Reversal's shiny hunting adventures.

Reversal's dedication and perseverance in their three-year journey to obtain the shiny Feebas is a testament to the passion and commitment of Pokemon trainers and collectors. It serves as a reminder that sometimes achieving a goal requires time, effort, and unwavering determination.

– Author: Josh Challies – Staff Writer. Pokemon, Marvel, Star Wars and overall geek. Previously wrote for Yahoo Sport, Stats Perform, and online news publications. Part-time Twitch streamer with an unhealthy Sandslash obsession.