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A Possible Hint at Titanfall 3 in Surprise Update for Titanfall 2

Fans of the Titanfall series were abuzz with excitement after a recent surprise update to the 2016 shooter Titanfall 2. The update contained references to the number three, leading fans to speculate about the possibility of a third installment in the popular mech shooter series. While the update included various fixes and improvements, it was the inclusion of three sets of numbers in the patch notes that caught fans' attention. These numbers corresponded to the release dates of the first Titanfall, its sequel, and the battle royale game Apex Legends, which takes place in the same universe.

Further fueling speculation, a new game mode was added to Titanfall 2's multiplayer with the update. The mode featured a new icon accompanied by three question marks, further hinting at a potential continuation of the series. The mode itself, which involves players equipped with unlimited rockets, also included the description, “Your rockets will blot out the sun,” a phrase reminiscent of a quote from the movie 300, whose title starts with the number three.

Fans have been diligently searching the internet for any additional clues and have discovered unlisted YouTube videos and social media activity from Vince Zampella, the head of Respawn Entertainment, the studio behind Titanfall. However, closer inspection reveals that the unlisted videos are actually old trailers for Titanfall 2, debunking the theories surrounding them.

Regardless of these findings, the excitement for a potential Titanfall 3 has caused renewed interest in Titanfall 2. The game has seen an increase in player count and is trending on social media once again. Fans are eagerly awaiting any official announcements from Respawn Entertainment and its publisher EA.

In conclusion, while the recent update to Titanfall 2 has sparked speculation about a third installment in the series, it is important to approach these rumors with skepticism until official confirmation is received. Nonetheless, the fanbase remains hopeful for the future of the Titanfall franchise.

– The original article: “A surprise update to the mostly dormant 2016 PS4-era shooter Titanfall 2 has certain fans of the series abuzz with the idea that it portends…something…pertaining to a possible third chapter in the highly regarded mech shooter series.” – OffEnglish
– The original article: “Originally released in 2016, Titanfall 2’s wall-running, mech-piloting first-person shooter action added a much needed (and very, very good) single-player campaign to the series’ already excellent multiplayer action.” – OffEnglish
– The original article: “But given that the game launched between a Battlefield and a Call of Duty, Titanfall didn’t enjoy enough time in the spotlight before the larger shooters stole its thunder.” – OffEnglish
– The original article: “But while Respawn’s very successful battle royale Apex Legends takes place in Titanfall’s universe, the last seven-ish years have been mostly quiet on the Titanfall front, and when there is news, it’s usually sad.” – OffEnglish
– The original article: “A bit of excitement broke out among Titanfall 2 fans after a patch that hit the game about a week ago, mostly with fixes to matchmaking, which is not terribly unusual even for older games.” – OffEnglish
– The original article: “Then folks noticed the patch notes for the most recent update to Apex Legends contained three sets of numbers, with each of them translating to the release dates for the first Titanfall, its sequel, and Apex Legends.” – OffEnglish
– The original article: “Respawn added a new game type to Titanfall 2’s multiplayer this past Monday, September 18. A game type selection that hadn’t changed for several years now featured a new mode icon accompanied with three question marks, ‘???'.” – OffEnglish
– The original article: “The new multiplayer mode, which pits players against one another equipped with all-you-can-fire rockets, also contains an interesting description: Your rockets will blot out the sun.” – OffEnglish
– The original article: “Ravenous for a follow-up to Titanfall 2, fans have taken to scouring the internet to figure out if there’s any other weird stuff going on.” – OffEnglish
– The original article: “In particular, some unlisted YouTube videos and social media activity from Vince Zampella, head of Respawn Entertainment, are catching attention.” – OffEnglish
– The original article: “Whether said in jest or as serious ‘evidence', we need to splash a bit of cold water on some of this.” – OffEnglish
– The original article: “Vince Zampella has publicly stated that he’d ‘love to see' a future game in the wall-runny, mech-stompy franchise.” – OffEnglish
– The original article: “All of this has caused a bit of a surge in Titanfall 2 interest. The game is once again trending on social media.” – OffEnglish
– The original article: “While Titanfall 2 hasn’t broken into even the top 25 most-played games on Steam, it has seen an uptick in player count, breaching 25k active players most recently.” – OffEnglish
– The original article: “Kotaku has reached out to Respawn and EA for comment.” – OffEnglish