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A Prototype for a ‘Crash vs. Spyro’ Kart Racer Unearthed

YouTuber Modern Vintage Gamer has once again made an exciting discovery in the world of old Xbox games. After finding an unreleased Original Xbox classic on an old devkit hard drive, he has now come across a prototype for a ‘Crash vs. Spyro' kart racer.

In its current state, the graphics of the prototype are quite basic. However, the existence of this prototype suggests that there were plans to develop a Crash vs. Spyro title at some point. The video showcases more details about the game, including the developers involved in its early 2000s creation. Even in its early stages, the demo is playable, although it doesn't quite capture the essence of Crash or Spyro.

Many fans of the series would have been thrilled to see a Crash vs. Spyro racer come to fruition. The Crash Racing titles of the past were highly regarded, and the success of Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled demonstrated the enduring appeal of the genre. Therefore, it is not difficult to envision this kind of game succeeding in the modern gaming landscape.

Considering the recent acquisition of Activision by Xbox, the question arises as to whether such a project could be developed. It is an idea that sparks curiosity and discussion among gamers. What are your thoughts on the potential of a Crash vs. Spyro racer? Share your opinions below.

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