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A Sneak Peek into the New Valorant Champions Tour 2024 Season Format

The Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) is set to make a comeback in 2024 with an exciting array of changes and additions to the esports scene. The fourth year of Valorant esports will see a revamped format, including a kick-off season, two Masters events, the reintroduction of Champions points, the inclusion of China as a partnered league, and the debut of the affiliate program.

One of the significant changes in the VCT 2024 season format is the inclusion of China as the fourth partnered league, joining the Pacific, Americas, and EMEA leagues. Previously, Chinese teams had to go through qualifier tournaments to secure their spot in international events. With China now part of the VCT, they will follow a similar path as the other partnered leagues.

The season will kick off with a two-week tournament in each international league. The top two teams from each region will then qualify for Masters Madrid, the first global event of the year. This new kick-off season aims to bring a more thrilling and fast-paced start to the VCT, propelling teams into the global spotlight right from the beginning.

Another notable change is the reintroduction of Champions points. These points will be used to gauge each partnered team's performance throughout the year and will serve as a basis for qualification to global events. The top-performing teams in each region with the most Champions points will secure a spot in the highly sought-after Valorant Champions event.

Additionally, the VCT 2024 season will see the introduction of the affiliate program. This program allows partnered teams to tap into the emerging talent pool from the challenger scene, providing a platform for aspiring players to showcase their skills on a larger stage. The affiliate program emphasizes the VCT's commitment to nurturing grassroots talent and fostering the growth of the Valorant esports community.

Overall, the new VCT 2024 season format promises a stacked year for Valorant with more stakes and excitement in every match. The changes aim to create a dynamic and competitive environment, further propelling Valorant teams into the global esports spotlight.

Source: Valorant Champions Tour “What to Expect” video.