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Accessibility Features Announced for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Insomniac Games, the developers behind Marvel's Spider-Man 2, have revealed a range of accessibility features that will be available in the game at launch on October 20. These features aim to make the game more inclusive and enjoyable for players of all abilities.

One of the new features being introduced is Challenge Level Modifiers. These allow players to customize aspects of gameplay such as enemy health, enemy damage, and stealth awareness. This customization gives players the ability to tailor the game to their own preferences or needs.

The game will also include gameplay assists to aid with combat and traversal. Chase Assist, a feature introduced in previous Spider-Man games, will return to reduce the target's speed and increase time windows for escaping. Quick Time Event Autocomplete, changing repeated button presses to holds, and Web-Shooter Burst will also make a comeback to reduce motor fatigue.

Shortcuts and game speed options are another addition to enhance the gameplay experience. Players will be able to assign various options to the left or right directional pad buttons for quick use during gameplay. Additionally, game speeds of 70%, 50%, and 30% of real-time rate can be assigned to shortcut buttons. This allows players to slow down the action, giving them more time to react to different gameplay scenarios.

The game will also feature audio frequency controls, which allow players to disable uncomfortable sounds such as high-pitched ringing or bass explosions. This customization enables players to better enjoy the game's audio without any discomfort.

Insomniac Games has also announced that there will be post-launch accessibility features, including audio descriptions that provide visual context and narration-style voice-overs for cinematics and Quick Time Events. Screen Reader will aid players in navigating on-screen items, and customizable captions will be available for cinematics and key audio moments.

These accessibility features aim to provide a more inclusive and enjoyable experience for all players. For a full list of the accessibility features in Marvel's Spider-Man 2, visit Insomniac's Knowledge Base.

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