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Adtran Expands Mosaic One with Fiber Gaming Network Integration

Adtran has announced the addition of DxTEL's Fiber Gaming Network (FGN) to its Mosaic One SaaS suite. FGN is a co-branded platform that transforms how broadband service providers engage with gaming communities. It allows operators to offer exclusive gaming tournaments, targeted esports-focused advertising, and partnerships with local schools and colleges to create esports scholarship opportunities.

By integrating FGN into its Mosaic One SaaS suite, Adtran is providing operators with insights into gamers' quality of experience and new avenues for revenue growth. The platform enables providers to actively engage with the gaming community by supporting community building, professional development, and revenue generation while promoting inclusivity and accessibility.

FGN powered by Adtran is a multifaceted platform that enhances the gaming ecosystem. It provides a platform for competitive gaming and connections between students, schools, and potential esports careers. Its integration into Mosaic One ensures the secure delivery of cloud gaming and offers service providers insight into a customer's entire experience, facilitating targeted marketing strategies.

The expansion of the Mosaic One suite allows fiber broadband providers to leverage the potential of esports to boost revenue and bring communities together in new and exciting ways. Adtran aims to empower communications service providers to manage and scale services that connect people, places, and things.

Adtran Holdings, Inc. is a global provider of open, disaggregated networking and communications solutions. Its solutions are used by service providers, enterprises, government organizations, and individual users worldwide.