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Ahsoka Episode 4: Homage to Akira Kurosawa and Unexpected Reveals

The latest episode of “Ahsoka” titled “Fallen Jedi” pays homage to acclaimed filmmaker Akira Kurosawa and features a surprising twist. Director Peter Ramsey, who previously directed an episode of “The Mandalorian,” discussed the differences between the two shows, with “Ahsoka” focusing more on character development and mood, inspired by Kurosawa's films.

In a pivotal moment of “Fallen Jedi,” Ahsoka faces off against the mysterious antagonist, Marrok. The reveal of Marrok's identity surprises fans who had speculated about Ezra Bridger or Barriss Offee. As Ahsoka cuts into Marrok, a puff of green smoke violently pours out of his armor, a visual homage to a scene in Kurosawa's film “Sanjuro.”

Ramsey admits that he “completely ripped off” the burst of blood effect from Kurosawa's film. However, he wanted to replicate the moment in a way that fit Marrok's character. Initially, there was no puff of anything in the original scene, but Ramsey wanted something to burst out of Marrok's partially mechanical suit, as he is described as being part-machine.

The director reveals that he doesn't know what exactly is supposed to be bursting out of Marrok in the final scene, but it adds to the intrigue and mystery surrounding the character. Ramsey believes that showrunner Dave Filoni may have kept certain details about Marrok and the future scripts secret from the creative team.

The interview with Ramsey hints at the tight-lipped nature of the production team and their commitment to keeping things under wraps. Ramsey acknowledges that even as a director, he doesn't have access to all the information and details about the show's future direction.

Overall, “Ahsoka” continues to draw inspiration from iconic filmmakers like Kurosawa, while also delivering surprising twists and turns for fans to speculate about. The show's dedication to character-driven storytelling sets it apart from other Star Wars series.

Sources: IGN