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An American Police Officer Faces Criminal Charges for Stealing Pokémon Cards

A police officer from Calhoun County, Alabama is now facing criminal charges after being caught stealing Pokémon cards from a Walmart. The officer, identified as Josh Hardy, allegedly entered the Walmart in Oxford while still in his uniform after finishing his shift on August 12. Inside the store, Hardy opened packs of Pokémon cards and pocketed the individual cards.

The theft was discovered by the store's loss prevention employees when Hardy attempted to leave without paying. He quickly fled on foot, prompting the Oxford Police Department to be called in to apprehend him. Authorities eventually located him at a local restaurant, where he was still wearing his uniform and had the stolen Pokémon cards in his possession. Hardy was subsequently arrested for theft and taken to the Oxford City Jail.

Calhoun County Sheriff Matthew Wade expressed his disappointment and shame over the incident, stating that Hardy's actions had tarnished the image of law enforcement. He emphasized the importance of transparency and accountability within the agency and confirmed that Hardy had been terminated from the Calhoun County Sheriff's Office.

Pokémon cards have become highly valuable collector's items, making them a target for thieves. In recent cases, trading card shops in Tokyo experienced burglaries, resulting in significant losses of Pokémon cards. Additionally, over £236,000 worth of trading card game cards were stolen from Gen Con 2023 in Indianapolis at the beginning of August.

The incident involving Officer Hardy serves as a reminder of the need for ethical conduct and exemplary behavior among law enforcement officials to maintain public trust in the justice system.