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Annoying Ledge in Remnant 2: A Frustration for Hardcore Gamers

Remnant 2, like other soulslike games, has a problematic jumping system. Jumping and dodge rolling are bound to the same key, leading to accidental rolls instead of jumps, or vice versa. The contextual nature of jumping further compounds the issue, as jumps only trigger when near ledges or elevated terrain. This creates a frustrating experience, especially in situations where precise platforming is required.

One particular ledge in the Labyrinth has caused endless frustration for players. This optional side path seems innocent enough, but the platform beneath it frequently phases out of existence, making it difficult to connect to the ledge properly. As a result, players are left dangling in the air, unable to mantle onto the ledge and ultimately meeting their demise.

Reddit users have expressed their disdain for this ledge, with one player stating that they died so frequently on their softcore character that they avoided it entirely on their hardcore character. The general sentiment is to steer clear of the ledge, as it only leads to an optional boss fight, not worth the risk for permadeath players.

The wonky jumping mechanics of Remnant 2 pose a significant challenge for the hardcore gaming community. Falling off a ledge often means instant death, and this punishment feels unfair considering other games, such as Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, offer more forgiving consequences. Even though some players argue for changes to the game to accommodate this, it may not satisfy the hardcore masochists who embrace the challenge.

The bonfire system in Remnant 2, whether represented as a world crystal or a meditation point, doesn't work well with jumping puzzles. While dying due to a mistimed dodge is acceptable, accidentally rolling off a ledge to your death feels frustrating and disrupts the overall enjoyment of the game.

Despite this annoyance, Remnant 2 remains an enjoyable experience for many players. However, those who play in permadeath mode have a harder time dismissing the frustrations caused by this particular ledge in the Labyrinth.

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