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Apex Legends Pro Player Calls for Heat Shield Removal After Players Exploit Item

Apex Legends professional player, HisWattson, has urged the game developers to remove heat shields from the game due to the abuse and exploitation of the item by players seeking easy wins. Heat shields are deployable domes that temporarily protect players from damage caused by the ring, providing advantages such as faster healing item use and quicker revives of downed teammates.

Initially intended as a useful survival tool, heat shields have now become a means for players to accumulate ranked points without engaging in combat. This exploit has been met with criticism from the community, with HisWattson specifically calling out a player who consistently crafts medkits within the zone until the ring eliminates them, never using a weapon. The player in question holds the #12 Apex Predator ranking.

The recent overhaul of the Apex Legends Ranked system in Season 17 introduced a new point system based on placement, eliminations, and skill rating. As long as a team finishes at least 10th, they can earn back the entry cost and gain positive points. The player using heat shields and medkits exploits this system by consistently achieving high placements without engaging in combat.

HisWattson humorously offered a trade to the developers, proposing to purchase 10 Apex Packs in exchange for a ban on heat shields in ranked play. The proposal gained support from the community, with some suggesting limiting the usage of heat shields to one per game or implementing increasing damage for players outside of previous zones.

Overall, the community questions the enjoyment and integrity of the game when players exploit such tactics rather than actively participating in gameplay. It remains unclear if the developers will make any changes to the heat shield mechanic in Apex Legends.

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