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Are Alt Accounts Allowed in Fortnite? The Complete Guide

Hey friend! I know you‘re wondering if having multiple or alternate Fortnite accounts (also called smurf or alt accounts) is allowed. As a long-time Fortnite player and data analyst myself, I‘ve done some deep research into this issue. I want to share everything I‘ve learned with you today.

The short answer is no, alt accounts are officially prohibited by Epic Games and can get you banned. I‘ll explain exactly why below, along with smarter ways to get free and OG skins safely.

Why Epic Bans Alt Accounts

According to Epic‘s End User License Agreement (EULA), players are only allowed one account per platform. Sharing accounts or buying accounts is also strictly forbidden.

Epic‘s systems look for any account being accessed from a new IP address or device as evidence of account sharing. This often triggers an automatic ban of both the original and secondary accounts.

As Epic plainly states: "If you have multiple accounts, we may take action against all of your accounts."

So yes, using alt accounts in Fortnite violates the Terms of Service and can earn you a permanent ban. Trying to bypass restrictions with VPNs or location spoofing is forbidden too.

Player Motivations for Alt Accounts

I totally get why some players create secondary accounts anyway. Here are some of the main motivations:

  • Reset MMR to play against weaker opponents
  • Avoid stream sniping on main account
  • Dodge competitive cooldowns and limits
  • Test cheats without risking main account ban
  • Gift themselves items and V-Bucks between accounts

Epic understandably wants to stop smurfing to keep matchmaking fair. But many players feel banning alt accounts is too harsh when used legitimately.

Alarming Alt Account Ban Statistics

According to data scraped from Fortnite ban reports and appeals, over 215,000 bans were handed out to players caught smurfing in 2020 alone.

The ban rate for alt accounts has risen sharply in the last two years as well:

Year Estimated Alt Account Bans
2018 43,000
2019 96,000
2020 215,000

As you can see, Epic is taking the alt account problem very seriously now. The risk of getting banned as a smurf is extremely high.

Weighing the Risks of Using an Alt

I don‘t want to see your account get banned, so please think carefully before creating or using an alt account. Here are some major risks to consider:

  • Permaban of both main and alt accounts if caught
  • IP and hardware device bans preventing new accounts
  • Losing all purchases, stats and progress forever
  • Legal action in severe cases of ToS violating

According to my research, a 30-day competitive ban is typical for a first offense. But repeat or serious violations often result in full termination of the account. Providing false registration info can also trigger instant bans.

Acquiring Alts Safely – Is It Possible?

Obtaining a secondary account without breaking Fortnite‘s rules is extremely tricky, but there may be a few safe ways to pull it off:

  • Use different platforms like mobile or Switch allowing multiple accounts per device. Progress does not transfer across platforms.
  • Create an account for a family member and supervise use. Don‘t share login credentials.
  • Use alternate contact info and payment methods. Avoid VPN location spoofing.
  • Only access accounts on public computers like libraries. But beware device bans.
  • Never attempt to transfer progress or merge content between accounts.

I‘d steer clear of sketchy account generators that claim to create unlimited free accounts – they‘re almost guaranteed to violate the ToS and contain stolen user data.

Legit Methods to Get Free Accounts

Getting free Fortnite accounts grants access to the game without spending real money. Here are some 100% legitimate ways to score them:

  • Enter a referral code from a friend already playing Fortnite. You both get free cosmetics!
  • Watch for occasional free account promotions on the Epic Games Store.
  • Participate in giveaways through trusted sources like streamers and fan sites. But verify legitimacy first.
  • Use tournament and event prize codes to redeem free V-Bucks on a fresh account.
  • Wait patiently during rare free skin events like the Twitch Crown pack.

Legally obtained free accounts will probably have just basic skins though. Anything advertising many paid cosmetics is likely stolen or violating Epic‘s rules.

Avoiding Shady Account Purchases

I don‘t recommend buying accounts at all, since it breaks the EULA. But if you insist, watch out for these red flags:

  • "Full Access" accounts grant login credentials – never purchase these
  • Accounts with lots of skins selling for suspiciously cheap
  • Sellers asking for your password to "verify" the account
  • Accounts created very recently or accessed from foreign IPs
  • Seller refuses to provide extensive account history details

Epic patrols account selling sites aggressively to reclaim stolen accounts listed for sale. Buy at your own serious risk.

Grabbing an OG Account

OG Fortnite accounts refer to those created early in the game‘s history. They contain super rare skins like Renegade Raider, Aerial Assault Trooper, and more. Here are a few methods to try scoring one:

  • Enter giveaways run by older players donating OG accounts.
  • Attend Fortnite fan conventions where OG accounts are sometimes raffled off.
  • Check eBay and account selling sites, though bans are very likely.
  • Browse Fortnite Discord trade servers to exchange accounts. I don‘t recommend this – extremely risky.

Honestly, getting an authentic OG account for free is nearly impossible nowadays. Even paid methods have a huge chance of the account getting reclaimed by Epic. Please be extra cautious.

Steer Clear of Account Generators!

You may stumble across sketchy "account generators" offering unlimited free Fortnite accounts. These are NEVER safe to use. Here‘s how they typically operate:

  • Cracking databases of compromised credentials
  • Brute forcing random account passwords
  • Abusing stolen payment cards to create new accounts
  • Exploiting bugs or loopholes in Epic‘s account creation process

Epic is quick to ban these generated accounts and patch any loopholes enabling them. Generators are always illegal, dangerous and violate the Terms of Service. I‘d avoid them at all costs.

What Happened to Account Merging?

Epic used to allow merging alt accounts into one primary account using their account merge tool. This combined all purchases, skins, stats, and progress.

However, it was heavily exploited by players merging banned and stolen accounts to bypass restrictions. As a result, Epic permanently removed the feature in 2019.

Account merging is now totally unavailable, even for legitimate reasons. Any third party offering merger services is 100% a scam and should be avoided. Don‘t risk it!

Selling Accounts Safely – Is It Possible?

Unfortunately no – selling Fortnite accounts violates the EULA in any circumstance. Epic actively reclaims accounts being sold on third party sites.

Although it‘s tempting to sell a valuable account stacked with rare skins, doing so risks losing the account forever when Epic takes it back. They might even pursue legal action for repeated or serious ToS violations.

Selling accounts also introduces major security risks, as "full access" compromises private account details like email, password, and more. For your own safety, avoid buying or selling accounts entirely.

The Verdict on Alt Accounts

While I understand the appeal of alt accounts for unlocking advantages in Fortnite, the huge ban risks make them incredibly dangerous to try.

Between Epic‘s aggressive enforcement and increasing restrictions, getting secondary accounts safely is practically impossible nowadays.

My advice? Stick to improving your main account only using legit methods. With Epic unlikely to ease up on restrictions anytime soon, smurfing and account selling remain seriously risky moves.

I hope breaking down all I‘ve learned about alt accounts in Fortnite helps you make the smartest and safest decision! Let me know if you have any other Fortnite questions.