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Are drinks free at The Venetian?

Are drinks free at The Venetian in Las Vegas?

No, drinks are not free at The Venetian Las Vegas. As a luxury resort and casino, The Venetian charges for all food and beverages, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. However, there are ways to get complimentary drinks during your stay if you frequent the bars, lounges, and casino. Let me explain the drink pricing and free drink options so you can plan your budget and make the most of your visit!

Drink Prices at Bars and Lounges

The Venetian is home to over 30 bars and lounges ranging from casual sports bars to upscale cocktail lounges. Here are some example drink prices at a few popular spots:

  • The Dorsey Cocktail Bar – Craft cocktails $15-18, beer $7-12
  • Rosina Cocktail Lounge – Signature cocktails $18-25
  • The Beer Garden – Draft beers $7-9, pitchers $18-28
  • The Bourbon Room – Whiskeys and bourbons $12-455 (for rare pours)

As you can see, most standard drinks cost $10-20 depending on the lounge. Some venues like The Bourbon Room offer rare, high-end spirits for hundreds of dollars per pour. Cocktails and mixed drinks tend to cost more than wine, beer, and basic liquors. Nightclubs and dayclubs also charge similarly high prices, sometimes with bottle service starting at $350.

Getting Free Drinks in the Casino

The best way to score free drinks at The Venetian is to gamble in the casino. Sit down at any slot machine or gaming table, and a cocktail server will come around to take your order. Tipping the server $1-2 per drink is customary. The more you play, the more often servers will swing by. High-stakes tables and slots get quicker service, while low-stakes gamblers may wait longer between rounds.

Some insider tips:
– Play slots or tables with high minimum bets
– Tip well on your first drink
– Politely ask the server to come by more frequently
– Increase tips each round

Being friendly with your server and tipping well ensures prompt, attentive service. Just know that the drinks aren‘t truly "free" – you have to spend money gambling to keep them coming comped.

All-You-Can-Drink Packages

If you want unlimited drinks without gambling, look into all-you-can-drink packages at the nightclubs. At TAO Nightclub, for example, ladies can get an open bar wristband for $35-50 depending on the night. For guys, it‘s closer to $75-100. Other club options include:

  • Marquee Day & Nightclub – Open bar packages from $150
  • Omnia Nightclub – Ladies free Champagne 9-11pm Fridays
  • Foxtail Nightclub – Open bar specials on Industry Sundays

These packages let you pay one flat rate for a 4-6 hour open bar with call brand liquors. It‘s great for clubs, parties, and making a day of club-hopping. Otherwise, ala carte prices for single drinks can really add up!

Your Guide to Drinking at The Venetian Las Vegas

Now that you know the deal on drinks, let me give you some tips for drinking at The Venetian like a pro!

Pre-Game in Your Room

One of my top tips is to pre-game in your room before heading out. Pour some drinks from the minibar or make a quick stop to pick up something on your way back to the room. Having a few cocktails before hitting the bars or casino will save you money once you‘re out.

Venetian suites have well-stocked minibars with vodka, whiskey, rum, tequila and more. There‘s also bottled water, soda, juice and beer. It‘s pricy at minibar rates but makes for easy in-room drinks. Just be sure to avoid moving or taking the bottles – sensors will charge you if anything is removed!

Look for Drink Deals & Happy Hours

If you‘ll be drinking at the hotel bars, check out menus and signs for drink specials and happy hours. Pretty much all the bars at The Venetian run daily deals like:

  • Half-priced signature cocktails or glasses of wine from 5-7pm
  • $6 well drinks and $3 domestic beers from 11pm-1am
  • 2-for-1 draft beers from 2-4pm

Happy hours and late-night specials let you enjoy the cool bar scene without breaking the bank on full-price drinks. I always ask the bartender what deals they‘re offering before ordering. You can easily save $5-10 per drink.

Get a Players Card for Casino Drink Deals

Don‘t gamble? No problem! You can still use the casino for drink specials. Sign up for a free Venetian players card to unlock casino bar promotions like:

  • BOGO drinks for cardholders 5-7pm at The Dorsey
  • 2-for-1 cocktails for players card members 11pm-1am at the Casino Bar
  • Free shot with every 5 drinks purchased with players card

Simply show your card to redeem the offers. This works even if you don‘t actually gamble in the casino! Just remember to tip your bartenders and servers.

Take Advantage of Happy Hour Crawls

One of my favorite activities at The Venetian is happy hour crawls. Basically, you walk around with a group sampling happy hour drink specials at various bars. It‘s a built-in pub crawl!

Some top spots are Rosina, The Dorsey, and the Rockhouse lobby bar. With extended happy hours, you can easily bounce between hot spots and scoring deals. The Venetian even offers happy hour packages starting around $45 per person including multiple drinks and appetizers. It‘s an affordable way to experience the best bars!

Alternate Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Pacing yourself is important in Vegas‘ 24/7 drinking culture. To avoid getting too intoxicated too fast, I alternate alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic ones. For every cocktail, I‘ll have a glass of water or soft drink in between.

Staying hydrated helps you drink responsibly, feel better the next day, and remember your trip! It also saves you money by naturally drinking less alcohol. As a bonus, alternating drinks can get you more comped cocktails from casino servers.

Know the Local Laws on Open Containers

One question I get is whether you can openly drink alcohol walking down the Strip. Technically open containers are prohibited in Las Vegas, but the law is liberally enforced. Just use some discretion.

Walking around with a giant frozen drink is probably not ok. But carrying a beer or standard cocktail should be fine, especially at night when the Strip is packed. Have your drinks before leaving bars, and don‘t act overly intoxicated in public. Then you shouldn‘t have any issues!

Take Breaks for Non-Drinking Activities

While Vegas nightlife is epic, don‘t forget to take breaks from drinking for other sights and activities. The Venetian itself has amazing restaurants, the Grand Canal Shoppes, gondola rides, TAO dayclub pool parties, and more entertainment without booze.

There‘s also tons to do on the Strip near the resort. I like checking out the Bellagio fountains, seeing Cirque du Soleil shows, or just walking around taking in all the sights and people watching. Pacing out drinking with non-alcoholic activities makes your trip more well-rounded and memorable.

Stay Hydrated and Refuel with Food

My final tip is to stay hydrated and eat along with drinking. Before going out, I‘ll drink a large bottle of water to pre-hydrate. Then I continue sipping water throughout the day and night.

Eating food soaks up some of the alcohol and gives you energy to keep going. The Venetian has amazing restaurants like Yardbird, Black Tap, and Majordōmo Meat & Fish for refueling. Getting sufficient food and hydration helps me drink responsibly while maintain stamina to enjoy this 24-hour city.

So in summary, while drinks aren‘t free at The Venetian, there are tons of ways to save money and make the most of the world-class drinking and nightlife. Use these tips to imbibe like a savvy local and have an unforgettable Las Vegas vacation! Let me know if you have any other questions – I‘m happy to share my Vegas expertise.