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Are Epic Games free games free forever?

Are Epic Games free games free forever?

Yes, any game you claim for free on the Epic Games Store is yours to keep forever. Once you add the game to your library during the promotional period, it is permanently attached to your Epic account.


Hello friend! As a fellow gaming enthusiast, I‘m excited to provide you with a comprehensive guide to Epic Games‘ free game offers. I‘ve been building my game library through these free promotions for years now, so I can share some tips and tricks I‘ve learned along the way.

Epic Games is best known as the developer behind mega-popular games like Fortnite and Gears of War. But they also run the Epic Games Store, an online marketplace for PC games similar to Steam or GOG. The store launched in 2018 and has gained a huge following thanks partly to their weekly free game deals.

Overview of the Free Games Program

Every Thursday at 11AM Eastern Time, Epic reveals the next free game(s) that will be available exclusively for one week. You just need an Epic Games account to claim them, and once they‘re in your library, they‘re yours to keep forever. Epic fully covers the cost – you don‘t need to worry about subscriptions or hidden fees.

Some weeks it‘s smaller indie titles, while other weeks it‘s major blockbuster releases worth $60 or more. Over the years, the program has given away everything from full Batman Arkham collections to brand new titles like Rebel Galaxy Outlaw.

Why Does Epic Give Away Free Games?

You might be wondering – why does Epic run this free games promotion? What‘s their angle?

There‘s a few likely reasons:

  • To attract gamers to use the Epic Games Store instead of competitors.

  • To foster goodwill and get people talking about Epic as a company.

  • To reduce costs around giving monthly free games with an Epic subscription service.

  • To allow gamers to sample titles they may buy future entries or DLC for.

Whatever their reasons, it‘s a win for us gamers who get to rapidly expand our libraries!

Claiming and Keeping Your Free Games

Here are some tips to make the most of Epic‘s weekly free game deals:

1. Claim games quickly, even if you won‘t download yet

The biggest tip I have is to claim games as soon as they go live each Thursday. Even if you don‘t plan to download or play them right away, claim them and add them to your permanent library.

The offer only lasts one week, and once that game reverts to its regular price, the promotion is over. I‘ve missed out on some freebies by procrastinating and forgetting to grab them in time. So claim them quick just to be safe!

2. Use your desktop browser for simpler claiming

I suggest using the Epic Games website on your desktop web browser to claim each week‘s free titles. The store interface here streamlines the process more than the desktop app or mobile experience.

Just head to the Epic Games Store‘s homepage at each Thursday and you should see that week‘s free game(s) prominently advertised. Click the button to add them to your account!

3. Don‘t worry about playing right away

Like I mentioned earlier, you don‘t need to download or install your free games immediately. Even if you claimed them months or years ago, you can come back anytime later and download those games you added to your library.

Think of it like building up a backlog. Grab the free games when you can in case you want them in the future!

4. Use Epic‘s library management tools

Once you start accumulating free games, use Epic‘s library management tools to sort and search your collection.

You can favorite games you actually plan to play soon, hide ones you‘re not interested in, categorize by genre tags, sort by size or release date, and more. This keeps your library clean and organized.

The search bar is also great for finding a specific free game once your collection grows big!

Maximizing Your Savings

To really maximize the value from these weekly free offers, here are some additional tips:

Wait to buy games that may go free later

Check sites like Reddit where users predict and vote on which games they think will go free in the future. If a title you want is on the prediction list, consider holding off on buying to see if it goes free in the coming months.

I‘ve saved a lot by being patient and waiting for games like Just Cause 4 and ARK: Survival Evolved to hit the free promo instead of buying them at launch.

Wishlist upcoming paid games you may want

If there‘s a major paid game coming soon that you plan to buy at launch, wishlist it on the Epic Games Store.

Wishlisted titles often see bigger discounts during sales. So you may save extra money even if it doesn‘t end up in the free game program.

Only buy DLC for games you really love

It‘s tempting to buy every DLC pack for a game you like, but the costs add up fast. I suggest limiting DLC purchases to just your absolute favorite games you see yourself playing for a long time.

For most free titles, it‘s not worth spending extra on DLC and expanions until you know you really vibe with the core gameplay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let‘s wrap up with answers to some common questions about Epic‘s weekly free game promos:

Do the free games change every week?

Yes, each Thursday at 11AM Eastern a new 1-2 free games go live for one week only before changing again on the next Thursday. Some exceptions are occasional 3-4 game giveaways for special events.

Can I play the games offline?

Yes, once you claim and download any free games from the Epic Store, you fully own them and can play them offline without an internet connection.

What happens if my hard drive is full?

You can still claim games each week even if you don‘t currently have space to install them. Your library will hold the games to download later when you free up storage space.

Do I need to install the Epic Games Store app?

You‘ll need to install the Epic Desktop client to actually download and play your free games. But you can claim them via web browser if preferred.

Can I gift extra games to friends?

Unfortunately gifting is not an option for these free game promotional offers from Epic.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for letting me share this guide to getting the most value from Epic‘s weekly free games! I hope these tips help you build an amazing library. See you next Thursday for the next exciting free titles.

Let me know if you have any other questions in the meantime, my friend. I‘m always happy to provide tech and gaming advice from my years of experience. Game on!