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Are Fall Guys Seasons Free? The Ultimate Guide on Getting the Fall Guys Battle Pass

Are Fall Guys Seasons Free?

No, Fall Guys seasons are not free. Each Fall Guys season requires purchasing a Season Pass in order to unlock all of the content. Here‘s a detailed look at how Fall Guys seasons and Season Passes work:

What is a Fall Guys Season Pass?

A Fall Guys Season Pass is a purchase that unlocks all of the content for that particular season. This includes:

  • The premium Season Pass costume and accessories
  • Access to the premium Season Pass rewards track with over 50 cosmetic items to unlock
  • Unlimited access to new levels and variations added in that season
  • Early access to new features and content
  • Without the Season Pass, you‘ll have limited access to new levels and costumes in that season.

    How Much Do Fall Guys Season Passes Cost?

    Fall Guys Season Passes are priced at 950 Show Bucks per season. Show Bucks can be purchased with real money as follows:

  • 950 Show Bucks – $7.99 USD
  • 2800 Show Bucks – $19.99 USD
  • 5750 Show Bucks – $32.99 USD
  • 12,000 Show Bucks – $59.99 USD
  • So a single Fall Guys Season Pass costs around $8 if you just buy the minimum Show Bucks needed.

    What Do You Get with a Fall Guys Season Pass?

    Each Fall Guys Season Pass includes:

  • 1 Premium Costume with Upper, Lower, Pattern, and Color options – This is unique to that season and exclusive to Season Pass owners
  • 1 Premium Season Pass Nameplate and Nickname
  • Season Pass Rewards Track with over 50 cosmetic items – These include costumes, colors, patterns, emotes, nameplates, nicknames, kudos, crowns, and more. You earn these by completing challenges and gaining XP during the season.
  • Instant access to new levels, rounds, and variations added in that season – Non-Season Pass owners have limited access.
  • Early access to new features and content before they are available to all
  • So in summary, you get a premium costume, over 50 cosmetic rewards, early access to new levels and features, and bonuses like kudos and crowns.

    What Happens When a Fall Guys Season Ends?

    When a Fall Guys season ends after about 2-3 months, all players will lose access to the Season Pass rewards track and early access to levels. However, Season Pass owners get to keep the following permanently:

  • The premium Season Pass costume and accessories
  • Any rewards you unlocked during the season
  • Purchased DLC packs and cosmetics from that season
  • For non-Season Pass owners, you‘ll keep any normal season rewards, costumes, etc you earned or purchased in the shop during the season.

    A new Fall Guys season will then begin with a new Season Pass and rewards track.

    Fall Guys Season Roadmap and Changes

    Fall Guys has gone through many changes and improvements over its multiple seasons. Here‘s an overview of the roadmap so far and what major changes each season brought:

    Season 1 – Medieval Knockout

    Fall Guys launched in August 2020 with its first season, Medieval Knockout. This initial season included:

  • 25 Rounds across 11 Maps
  • 41 Costumes
  • 8 Pattern & 8 Color Variants
  • 1 Season Pass with Medieval Knight costume
  • Crowns as main currency
  • Key additions during Season 1:

  • Slime Climb level
  • See Saw level
  • Jump Showdown final round
  • Season 2 – Space Mayhem

    Season 2 launched in October 2020 with a space theme:

  • New Space Race, Skyline Stumble, and Short Circuit levels
  • 1 Season Pass with Astronaut costume
  • 3 New Rounds including Button Bashers
  • Kudos introduced as second currency
  • Daily Challenges added
  • Custom lobbies option
  • Season 3 – Winter Knockout

    The winter holiday theme arrived in Season 3 in November 2020:

  • New Freezy Peak, Pegwin Pursuit, and Snowy Scrap levels
  • 1 Season Pass with Snowman costume
  • Lower gravity variation added
  • Squad Mode introduced for 4 player teams
  • Season 3.5 – Winter Knockout… Again!

    This was a mid-season update to Season 3 adding variants:

  • New Thin Ice and Roll Off rounds
  • Level variations like Hex-a-ring and faster gates
  • Daily challenges reset
  • Season 4 – Neon Nights

    Season 4 in March 2021 took a 1980s neon theme:

  • New Party Promenade, Airtime, and Slimescraper Time levels
  • 1 Season Pass with Witch costume
  • Variants like Big Shots with launchers
  • Sweet Thieves mode introduced
  • Season 5 – Jungle Adventure

    The jungle arrived in Season 5 in July 2021:

  • New Lily Leapers, Bubble Trouble, and Lost Temple levels
  • 1 Season Pass with Banana costume
  • Custom lobbies expanded
  • Superstar cosmetics added
  • Season 6 – Party Spectacular

    Season 6 launched in November 2021:

  • New Party Promenade, Leading Light, and Pipe Dream levels
  • 1 Season Pass with Werewolf costume
  • Squads mode final rounds
  • 5 new Rounds including Bubble Scramble
  • Fall Guys Player & Usage Statistics

    Here are some key statistics to give an idea of Fall Guys‘ player base and usage:

  • Over 50 million players as of August 2022
  • 2 million copies sold on Steam in its first week after launch
  • Peak of over 150,000 concurrent players on Steam in August 2020
  • Ranked in Steam‘s top 5 games by current player count for all of 2020
  • 4.9 million hours of Fall Guys streamed on Twitch in its launch month
  • Over 304 million hours watched on Twitch since launch
  • Most popular with players aged 21-35 (43%) according to a SurveyMonkey poll
  • 60% of players spent money on in-game purchases as of February 2021
  • $185 million revenue estimated for first 6 months
  • This data shows the immense popularity of Fall Guys and how many millions tuned in to watch the chaotic fun. It had incredible viral success in its early seasons before stabilizing.

    Tips and Strategies for Domination

    Want to up your Fall Guys game and start dominating matches? Here are my top pro tips:

    Master jumping, diving, and grabbing

    Precise platforming with mid-air dives and grabs will let you easily clear obstacles and stay alive. Get the timing down in solo play before taking on other beans.

    Learn level layouts and optimal paths

    Study each level‘s map and find the quickest routes to qualify or score points. Knowing where bumpers or shortcuts are can give you an edge.

    Use a speedy costume and color

    Certain costume pieces like the Ninja bottom make you slightly faster. Pair with bright colors to spot yourself more easily.

    Play defense on team games

    On levels like Egg Scramble or Snowy Scrap, focus on defense by protecting your team‘s eggs or stealing opponents‘ snowballs.

    Sabotage selectively in survival rounds

    You can grab or bump other players in rounds like Slime Climb but be careful not to sabotage yourself as well!

    Learn advanced strategies for finals

    Each final like Fall Mountain or Hex-a-gone has little tricks like optimal paths, fake-outs, and perfect jump timing.

    Put these tips to use and you‘ll be grabbing crowns in no time! Let me know if you have any other questions and I wish you best of luck in your next games!