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Are Minecraft realms free now?

Are Minecraft Realms Free Now?

No, Minecraft Realms are not free. Realms is a subscription service from Mojang that allows players to create and manage their own private Minecraft servers. There are paid subscription plans that give access to Realms features.

An Overview of Minecraft Realms

Minecraft Realms provide a way for players to have their own always-online Minecraft world that is easy to set up and accessible even when the original creator is offline. Here are some key things to know about Realms:

What are Realms?

  • Realms are Mojang-hosted Minecraft servers. Players can create their own permanent Minecraft worlds without having to deal with managing a server.
  • Realms worlds always stay online and accessible to invited players.
  • Realms can be accessed across Minecraft on all supported platforms like mobile, Windows 10, console, and VR.

Realms Subscription Plans

There are two subscription options for Realms:

  • Monthly plan – $7.99 per month. Includes access for up to 10 simultaneous players.
  • Yearly plan – $99.99 per year. Same features as the monthly plan but paid upfront yearly.

Both plans include a free 30-day trial for new Realms subscribers.

Realms Features

Realms provide the following features and settings:

  • Easy world creation – Realms worlds can be started from a new empty map or uploaded from an existing personal world.
  • Owner controls – World owners can invite friends, set permissions, upload new maps, and download world backups.
  • Automatic backups – Realms performs automatic backups every 60 minutes.
  • Multiplayer access – Online Realms worlds can be joined by anyone invited by the owner.
  • Mod support – Custom mods can be installed on Realms servers.
  • Minigames – There are minigame templates that can be used to create different games modes.


There are some limitations to be aware of with Realms:

  • Max 10 simultaneous players per subscription.
  • No access to the server console or files.
  • Limited mod support – large modpacks may not work well.
  • Monthly data transfer limit – 5GB on mobile, 10GB on PC.

Is a Realms Subscription Worth It?

For many Minecraft players, a Realms subscription can provide an easy and reliable way to play with friends online. Here are some pros and cons to weigh when considering a subscription:


  • Automatic backups – Realms completes backups every 60 minutes so you never lose substantial progress.
  • Easy multiplayer – Friends can join your world anytime without setup hassles.
  • Owner controls – Ban, mute or promote other players and manage your world.
  • Cross-platform access – Play on mobile, console, VR and PC with others across platforms.
  • No server headaches – Realms handles all the server management and costs.


  • Monthly costs – Regular subscription fees versus a one-time server setup.
  • 10 player limit – For larger servers, self-hosting may be better.
  • Less control – Can‘t access server files or console commands.
  • Limited mods – Modpacks can be unstable on Realms.

Overall, Realms is a good option for smaller groups of friends or families looking for an accessible and reliable way to play Minecraft online together. The advantages in simplicity and automatic management can outweigh the costs for many players.

Setting Up a Realms Subscription

If you want to set up a Realms subscription, here is an overview of what‘s involved:

  1. Obtain a paid Minecraft account – You need a full Mojang or Microsoft account to access Realms.
  2. Sign up for a subscription – Purchase a monthly or yearly Realms plan from within the Minecraft client.
  3. Create a new world or upload existing – Set up your Realm with a new map or existing personal world.
  4. Invite friends – Send Realms invites to friend‘s usernames so they can join.
  5. Configure settings – Adjust permissions, chat, etc to customize your Realm.

The process is designed to be quick and accessible even for younger players with parental guidance. Subscriptions auto-renew by default, but can be canceled at any time.

Realms vs. Self-Hosted Servers

For Java Edition Minecraft on PC, another option besides Realms is setting up your own self-hosted Minecraft server. Here‘s how running your own server compares:

Realms Advantages

  • Requires no server maintenance or management
  • Automatic regular backups provided
  • Works across Minecraft versions and platforms
  • Easy to set up permissions and invite friends

Self-Hosted Server Advantages

  • No recurring subscription fees
  • Support for more mods and larger numbers of players
  • Full control over files, settings and server console
  • Can be hosted on your own hardware

For most friends and families, Realms will provide an easier and more reliable experience. Self-hosted servers give you more control but require time and effort to administer.

Major Updates to Realms

Since Realms was introduced in 2013, Mojang has continued expanding the service‘s capabilities:


  • iOS support added – Realms accessible on iPad, iPhone.
  • More minigames added like Battle and Tumble.


  • Realms administration site added for easy management.
  • Minigames expanded to include templates like Skyblock and Adventure Maps.


  • Realms uploaded worlds limit increased from 500MB to 1GB.
  • Upload worlds directly from inside Minecraft client.


  • Supports Minecraft cross-play across mobile, VR, PC and consoles.
  • Discord integration for Realms chat.


  • Render Dragon graphics engine brings enhanced lighting and colors.
  • New player permission settings added.

Mojang continues updating Realms with new capabilities and integrations. The service has expanded a lot since initial release.

Tips for Getting the Most from Realms

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your Minecraft Realms experience:

  • Check your data usage – Mobile Realms can use up cellular data fast. Connect via WiFi whenever possible.
  • Make automatic backups more frequent – Change the backup interval to every 30 minutes.
  • Install behavior packs – These can help customize gamerules and mechanics.
  • Set up mini games – Change the world to a minigame template for something new.
  • Find player-made adventure maps – These can offer great custom quests and stories.
  • Add friends across platforms – Take advantage of cross-platform by inviting console and mobile gamers.
  • Promote trustworthy members to admins – Let responsible players help moderate your Realm.
  • Restart periodically – Restarting the server every few days can help performance.

Leveraging Realms features like minigames, trusted players and frequent backups can give you the best experience.