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Are People Still Buying the Nvidia GTX 1660 in 2023?

Valve's recent Steam Hardware Survey reveals that the Nvidia GTX 1660, released in 2019, is still being purchased by gamers. Despite the availability of newer options like the RTX 4060, it seems that many players are sticking with the GTX line of graphics cards for budget gaming PC builds.

The Nvidia GTX 1660 is often considered a top choice for budget gaming due to its affordable price. However, caution is advised when purchasing this card from online platforms like Amazon, as there are cheaper options from unfamiliar brands available. Brands like Asus, MSI, and Zotax also offer the GTX 1660 at competitive prices.

According to the June Steam Hardware Survey, there was a 1.82% increase in the number of users with GTX 1660 GPUs on the platform. This may not seem significant, but considering the platform's 120 million monthly users, it is a notable figure. In comparison, other popular graphics cards saw usage increases of less than 1%, with the Steam Deck Van Gogh APU coming in second.

While the Nvidia GTX 1660 is still affordable and capable for many tasks, newer PC games are becoming more demanding. This card may not meet the system requirements for the latest releases in 2023. Additionally, it lacks AI upscaling support such as Nvidia DLSS, which can greatly enhance gaming performance on entry-level hardware.

Nvidia would prefer users to upgrade to GPUs with DLSS compatibility, such as the RTX 4060. However, it appears that many players are not choosing this path when upgrading their graphics cards, which could be a concern for the entry-level Lovelace card.

Should you buy a GTX 1660 in 2023? While it is not outright discouraged, it is essential to consider prices across the board. While an RTX 3060 may cost $100 more, and an RTX 4060 is available for $299, these prices might be high for a budget build. Alternatively, an Intel Arc graphics card like the A750 with 8GB VRAM could be a better choice for $219.99. It offers improved performance in upcoming games like Starfield and has shown significant improvements since its initial launch.

It is important to note that the price difference between the GTX 1660 and newer options is not as significant as one might think. If you can find a GTX 1660 at a good price, from reputable brands and in good condition, it can be a suitable choice. However, it is worth considering newer options, particularly those that can meet the minimum system requirements for gaming in 2023.