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Are there any free games like Forza Horizon?

Free Games Like Forza Horizon

Yes, there are several free racing games available that are similar to Forza Horizon in terms of open world environments, realistic driving physics, and customization options. While none can completely match the production values or extensive car rosters of the Forza series, these free alternatives provide engaging open-world racing experiences without the cost.

Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9: Legends is a free-to-play racing game for mobile devices that shares many similarities with Forza Horizon. Like Forza Horizon, Asphalt 9 features an open world environment spanning several real-world locations including the Himalayas, Shanghai, the Caribbean, and more. The environments are beautifully rendered and you‘ll be impressed with the level of graphical polish for a mobile title.

In terms of driving, Asphalt 9 aims to find a balance between realism and arcade-style handling. The cars don‘t feel quite as weighted or connected to the road as Forza, but the handling model still provides a good sense of speed and control. You can drift around corners, perform barrel rolls off ramps, and boost your nitro to reach breakneck speeds.

Asphalt 9 has over 60 cars to collect from major manufacturers like Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, and more. You can upgrade and customize these rides to improve their performance and aesthetics. The car list may not be as extensive as Forza Horizon, but there‘s enough variety to keep you engaged.

The progression structure is similar to Forza Horizon as well. You‘ll compete in different race types across each open world location to earn currency and reputation. This currency can be used to acquire and upgrade new rides. While there are in-app purchases to accelerate progression, you can enjoy everything at a satisfying pace without spending money.

Overall, if you enjoy cruising scenic open environments and competing against other drivers with customizable supercars, Asphalt 9: Legends is one of the best free alternatives to Forza Horizon for mobile platforms.

CSR Racing 2

Like Asphalt 9, CSR Racing 2 is a popular mobile racing game with high production values and engaging gameplay. At its core, CSR Racing 2 is focused on hyper-realistic drag racing rather than open world environments. However, there are sufficient customization options and gameplay variety to appeal to Forza fans.

The car models and performance tuning components are impressively detailed, allowing you to examine your vehicles closely in the garage. You can acquire licenced vehicles from major manufacturers then upgrade the engine, drivetrain, tires, and more to maximize performance. The actual drag racing utilizes realistic physics, requiring careful gear shifting and nitrous timing to optimize your runs.

In addition to traditional drag races, there are also drifting challenges that test your car control skills on closed circuits. The drifting has a learning curve but ultimately feels very satisfying as you master power sliding your favorite cars around corners.

While the core racing is focused on straight line performance, CSR Racing 2 provides plenty of scenic environments and themed events to create an engaging progression. You‘ll compete in races across beautiful locales at different times of day and weather conditions. There are special crew battles that allow team-based competition. And a daily "trials" mode provides unique challenges to test your skills.

The frequent special events and ability to form crews with friends or fellow racers provides a community atmosphere reminiscent of Forza Horizon‘s social play. Overall, CSR Racing 2 is a polished and nuanced mobile racing experience for fans of customization and realistic driving dynamics. The short, focused drag racing format differentiates it from Forza‘s open world driving, but there‘s sufficient variety to enjoy if you‘re seeking a detailed racing sim for mobile.

Horizon Chase

Horizon Chase adopts a decidedly retro approach to open world racing compared to the realism of Forza Horizon. But it provides engaging driving and plenty of scenic variety across dozens of courses.

The visuals are vibrant and stylized, looking like a classic 80s arcade racer. Locations include lush jungles, snowy mountains, desert canyons, beachside resorts, and more. The environments are stunning despite the old-school visual filter. Dynamic lighting and weather effects make each track feel alive.

The driving dynamics match the retro aesthetics, focusing on responsive drift-centric handling rather than simulation. You can power slide around nearly every corner which gives the racing an enjoyable sense of momentum and control. Mastering the drift-based corners feels great once you get the hang of the physics.

In terms of content, Horizon Chase includes 72 tracks across 16 different environments. You‘ll have plenty of gameplay hours ahead mastering each course and competing in cups across various difficulty classes. The AI provides a solid challenge without feeling unfair, keeping you engaged in beating each new cup.

While the vehicle selection isn‘t as extensive as Forza Horizon, there are over 16unlockable cars with varied vintage aesthetics and stats. Upgrades allow improving acceleration, braking, grip, and nitrous boost capabilities. The developer has also added new tracks, modes, and cars over time, extending the longevity with free updates.

Overall, Horizon Chase succeeds at delivering an engaging old-school open world racing experience. The stylish retro aesthetics, responsive drifting mechanics, and varied courses capture a similar enjoyment factor as Forza Horizon in a more arcade-style package. For free mobile racing fun with plenty of unlocks and challenges, Horizon Chase is hard to beat.

Need for Speed: No Limits

Need for Speed: No Limits brings the adrenaline-fueled street racing action of the Need for Speed franchise to mobile platforms. Like Forza Horizon, No Limits provides an open world environment filled with diverse race types and unlockable supercars to customizable. It captures the illegal street racing atmosphere exceptionally well.

The open world spans iconic locations like Blackridge, Olympic City, Velocity Valley and more. Each area has back alleys, tunnels, and highways perfect for illegal street competition. The environments are beautifully rendered with console-quality graphics and visual effects for an immersive sense of speed.

In terms of driving, No Limits focuses on accessible drifting and high speed action rather than pure simulation. You‘ll power slide around corners, launch off jumps, and nitro boost down straightaways through beautiful urban locales. The arcade handling won‘t satisfy driving sim purists but provides dynamic, exciting races with easily learned controls.

You‘ll start out driving affordable tuner cars then progressively unlock and upgrade iconic supercars like the Lamborghini Aventador, McLaren P1, and Bugatti Chiron by winning races and challenges. Customizing both performance and aesthetics is a big focus, allowing detailed car personalization. The campaign provides hundreds of story-driven events spanning multiple difficulty tiers to keep you challenged.

The only caveat to Need for Speed: No Limits is the aggressive monetization. Progressing for free requires significant playtime and grinding. But the core driving experience captures the illegal street racing spirit and enjoyment of pushing customized supercars through beautiful environments. Overall, Need for Speed: No Limits is a compelling open world racing option for Forza fans, provided you can overlook the heavy in-app purchases.

Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 stands out as one of the most realistic and immersive mobile racing experiences available. The detailed driving physics, expansive career mode, and stellar graphics provide a remarkable simulation-grade package for free.

The driving physics are adjustable but at maximum simulation setting provide extremely lifelike weight transfer, grip, and handling characteristics. Each licenced vehicle feels distinct in terms of performance and handling. You‘ll need to study braking points, apexes, and gearing to gain an edge. The simulation provides an authentic sense of driver connection.

In terms of content, Real Racing 3 includes over 250 events across nine different racing disciplines. You‘ll compete in varied series including Cup races, Elimination challenges, Endurance competitions, drag races, speed records attempts, and more. Events take place on meticulously detailed real world circuits and unlocked supercars have thousands of customization and tuning combinations. There‘s tremendous depth and longevity.

The only limitation is the inclusion of wait timers that gate your progression unless you make in-app purchases. This can limit extended play sessions. However, the second-to-second racing experience delivering a Gran Turismo-grade depth and polish, earning it a strong recommendation for Forza fans seeking maximum realism from a mobile title. Just be prepared for the waiting periods between events.

Other Notable Mentions

Some other quality free racing games that Forza Horizon fans may want to check out include:

  • Gear.Club – Realistic mobile racer with hundreds of events and races across global tracks. Highly polished graphics and physics.

  • Nitro Nation Drag & Drift – Specialized in quarter mile drag racing with tuning and modding depth. Quality drifting model as well.

  • KartRider Rush+ – Vibrant kart racer with drift-focused driving. Extensive co-op and competitive online modes.

  • Beach Buggy Racing 2 – Bright, fun kart racer with powerups and destructible environments.

  • Nitro Clash: Edge of Fire – Good over-the-top arcade racing action with a Mad Max style post-apocalyptic setting.

So in summary, while no free games can completely replace the polish and scope of the Forza Horizon series, these alternatives provide engaging open world racing experiences without the upfront cost. I‘d recommend Asphalt 9 Legends as the best all-around Forza alternative for mobile. But try out a few other options as well to find one that clicks with your preferences. You may find a new favorite free racing franchise.


Forza Horizon sets a very high bar with its stunning production values, massive car selection, and photorealistic graphics. But several free mobile racing games come admirably close to emulating parts of the experience. Asphalt 9 captures the scenic open world environments and range of events. CSR Racing 2 delivers hyper-realistic car customization and drag racing physics. Horizon Chase excels at responsive drifting and retro charm. And Real Racing 3 provides unparalleled racing simulation depth. While no single game measures up completely, racing fans have several great options for enjoying free mobile competition showcasing gorgeous supercars in beautiful locales. With some patience navigating freemium elements, these Forza Horizon alternatives will satisfy your need for speed.