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The Ultimate Guide to Cross Platform Multiplayer Games for iPhone and Android

Yes, absolutely! There are tons of great games that allow iPhone and Android users to play together. As a tech geek and avid mobile gamer myself, I‘ve done extensive research into cross platform multiplayer games. In this guide, I‘ll share everything you need to know about playing games across iOS and Android devices based on my own experience and expert analysis.

Why Cross Platform Play Matters

Being able to play mobile games with all your friends regardless of device is a game changer. Here‘s why it‘s so important:

  • Don‘t miss out on playing with friends – No one gets excluded from the fun anymore!
  • Bigger player pools – Matchmaking is faster with more players across platforms.
  • Share purchases and progression – Unlock content once to use anywhere.
  • Freedom to switch devices – Start on mobile and pick up later on desktop.

According to a survey by NewZoo, over 50% of mobile gamers think cross-progression is very appealing. The same report found cross platform play is also desired by almost 50% of mobile gamers.

The bottom line is being able to play and share experiences across different devices enriches the multiplayer gaming experience substantially.

How iOS and Android Cross Platform Play Works

So how do iPhone and Android devices play nice together? Game developers enable cross platform through unified servers and account systems.

Rather than siloing users into platform specific lobbies, well-implemented cross play matches iOS and Android players together directly in-game. Popular services like Vivox handle the cross platform connections behind the scenes.

Once matched into the same server via the service, the different devices can interact seamlessly as if they were all using the same platform. Shared friends lists and party features complete the experience.

This creates a unified multiplayer environment for iPhone and Android gamers to coexist and compete on equal footing.

Our Picks for Top Cross Platform Games

Based on quality, fun factor, and seamless integration, here are the top cross platform multiplayer games in my opinion:

1. Minecraft

Minecraft is hands down the best cross platform game available now. It fully unifies iPhone, Android, Windows, Xbox One, and Switch users with massive unified servers. The creative freedom and endless worlds make it super addictive.

2. Fortnite

No other shooter comes close to Fortnite‘s flawless cross platform support. You play in the same lobby with the same pool of players across all devices. This sets the standard for unified competitive play.

3. Call of Duty Mobile

For first person shooter fans, Call of Duty: Mobile nails the fast paced action you expect in a true cross platform experience with full feature parity.

4. PUBG Mobile

As the game that kicked off battle royales on mobile, PUBG Mobile excels at high stakes iOS + Android squad battles together in a huge sandbox map.

5. Brawl Stars

This addictive arena brawler from Supercell brings friends together into the same bands, clubs, and real-time matches regardless of iPhone or Android.

Cross Platform Game Genres

Many genres have great titles that implement mobile cross play. Here are some top examples:

MOBA – Vainglory, Arena of Valor, Heroes of Order & Chaos

MMORPG – AdventureQuest 3D, Villagers & Heroes, Old School RuneScape

Battle Royale – PUBG Mobile, Fortnite Mobile, Free Fire

Card Games – Hearthstone, Legends of Runeterra, Magic: The Gathering Arena

Racing – Asphalt 9: Legends, Beach Buggy Racing 2

Sports – Online Soccer Manager, New Star Manager, Motorsport Manager Mobile 3

The genres with the most seamless real-time cross play on mobile are shooters, MOBAs, MMOs, and Battle Royale. Slower paced card games and strategy titles also work very well played cross platform.

Cross Platform Voice Chat Options

Communication is vital when playing games with friends cross platform. Here are some great voice chat solutions:

  • Discord – Dedicated gaming chat app with cross platform support.
  • Skype – Works across mobile and desktop for group calls.
  • FaceTime – Great for iPhone to iPhone chat and reactions.
  • WhatsApp – Easy voice chat between iOS and Android.
  • In-Game Lobby Chat – Some games have integrated cross platform voice.

I personally recommend Discord for gaming with friends across devices. The app is optimized for stable chat quality during matches.

Setting Up Cross Platform Play

It just takes a few quick steps to get into cross platform games with friends:

  1. Download the game on each device and create/login to accounts
  2. Add friends in-game on each device
  3. Join same clan/guild if applicable
  4. Enable cross play options
  5. Party up together before matchmaking

Sometimes you need to manually select cross platform servers. I suggest being on the same WiFi connection to reduce latency. With these basics covered, you‘re ready for seamless play!

Top Upcoming Cross Platform Games

The future looks exciting for mobile cross play! Here are some top upcoming titles with expected support:

  • Diablo Immortal – Share progression from mobile to PC.
  • Apex Legends Mobile – iOS + Android support anticipated.
  • Valorant Mobile – Cross platform play to unify communities.
  • Genshin Impact – Developing full cross platform multiplayer.

These new releases raise the bar with cross-progression, unified PvP, and more. I can‘t wait to play them across devices and with friends on different platforms!

Tips for Smooth Cross Platform Play

Based on my experience gaming across iOS and Android, here are some tips:

  • Make sure everyone updates the game – This prevents version conflicts.
  • Find a good voice chat app – Being able to talk is key.
  • Get on stable wifi connections – This really improves latency.
  • Start with a simple game first – Good for getting used to controls.
  • Fully charge devices beforehand – Phones running low on battery can disrupt play.
  • Set communication etiquette rules – Keep trash talk friendly.

Following these tips will ensure your cross platform squad stays coordinated and competitive!

Troubleshooting Cross Platform Issues

Sometimes you may hit snags while setting up cross play. Here are solutions to common problems:

Can‘t find friends – Make sure logged into the right account on each device and add/accept friend requests in-game.

Friends appear offline – They may need to fully restart the game to reset connection. Also make sure on same version.

Stuck in separate lobbies – Double check cross play options are enabled, manually switch server regions if needed.

Laggy connections – Test individual network speeds, lower in-game graphics settings, get closer to wifi routers.

Can‘t voice chat – Ensure chat permissions are allowed for the app and switch between wifi and cellular data.

Different game versions – Have everyone fully update to the latest version, then restart devices.

With some patience, you can usually resolve most cross platform issues. Reach out to the game developer if problems persist.

The Magic of Cross Platform Gaming

As you can see, the gameplay possibilities radically expand when you can play mobile games with friends across iOS and Android devices.

Top titles like PUBG Mobile and Fortnite offer unified competitive play across phones and tablets. More and more games continue to add seamless cross platform support.

I hope this guide provides everything you need to know to start exploring cross platform multiplayer games. Please feel free to reach out if you have any other questions! Happy gaming!