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Are Warhammer 3 DLCs Free? The Ultimate Guide

Warhammer 3 is the latest installment in the popular Total War: Warhammer strategy game series. With it comes the big question – are the DLCs for Warhammer 3 free? The answer is more complex than a simple yes or no. In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll break down everything you need to know about Warhammer 3‘s DLCs, including how to access free content, what paid DLCs are available, and tips for getting the most value.

How to Access Free Warhammer 3 DLCs

The good news is that Warhammer 3 comes with some free DLC content for all players:

  • Blood for the Blood God III – Unlocks blood and gore effects in battle.
  • Ogre Kingdoms – Playable race of Ogre factions.
  • Immortal Empires – Massive combined campaign map with all factions.

Blood for the Blood God III and Ogre Kingdoms require owning the previous versions from Warhammer 1 or 2. But Immortal Empires is now free to all Warhammer 3 players via an update. This is a huge value add, providing access to the full scope of Warhammer races and lore.

Paid Warhammer 3 DLCs

Warhammer 3 does have paid DLC content that gives you access to new races, legendary lords, units, and campaigns:

  • Champions of Chaos – 4 new Chaos factions with unique mechanics.
  • Upcoming Lord Packs – New legendary lords and units for existing races.
  • Upcoming Campaign Packs – New races and campaign mechanics.

These provide major new content for hardcore fans. But they are optional purchases – you can enjoy hundreds of hours in Immortal Empires with just the base game.

Getting the Most from Your DLCs

To maximize the value from your Warhammer 3 purchase, here are some tips:

  • Try each base game race before buying DLCs.
  • Wait for sales to get discounts on paid DLCs.
  • Focus on DLCs for your favorite races first.
  • Buy DLCs for Warhammer 1 & 2 to carry over content.

Patience can save you money. But if you want everything, the long-term cost is lowered by owning all three games.

The Verdict on Warhammer 3 DLC

While Warhammer 3 has premium DLCs on top of the base game, you get massive free content with Immortal Empires. This delivers hundreds of hours of gameplay with the core races. Paid DLCs then let you expand further into new factions, units, and mechanics. Following smart purchasing strategies, you can tailor your experience based on favorite races and budget.