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Arena Mode in League of Legends to Return in December

League of Legends players who have been enjoying the popular Arena mode will be pleased to know that it will be returning to the client in a few months. Riot Games has confirmed that Arena will make a comeback with new updates and features, including new augments, improved champion diversity, a wider meta, map adjustments, and the ability to play with more than one friend.

Arena mode, which was released earlier this summer, has become a hit among players due to its fast-paced gameplay, shorter game times, and unique combinations and interactions with champions, items, and augments. This mode has been appealing to both competitive ranked players and casual friends looking for excitement.

One of the most-requested features from players was the ability to queue up with more than one group of friends. Riot Games acknowledges this demand but is cautious about implementing it to prevent any misuse of the ranked ladder. However, the community's overwhelming response and continued support for the game mode could potentially convince Riot to make it a permanent addition to the client.

While the Arena mode, alongside the Soul Fighter event, is coming to an end today, players won't have to wait too long to jump back into their favorite mode. Riot Games has tentatively set the release date for the return of Arena as December 2023.

In conclusion, League of Legends players can look forward to the return of Arena mode in a few months. With new updates and features, this mode is set to offer an even more exciting and diverse gameplay experience. Whether you're a competitive ranked player or a casual gamer, Arena mode is bound to deliver fast-paced action and thrilling encounters. So make sure to get some more Arena reps in before the Soul Fighter event ends today.

– Original article by Tyler Esguerra, Lead League of Legends writer for Dot Esports