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Armored Core 6: The Superiority of Keyboard and Mouse Controls

Armored Core 6, the highly anticipated mecha game, has revolutionized the way players control their giant robots. The game's use of keyboard and mouse controls has proven to be far superior to traditional controller inputs. The precision and versatility offered by a keyboard and mouse setup allows players to fully immerse themselves in the intense battles and master the complex movement mechanics.

In Armored Core 6, players can execute intricate maneuvers with ease, evading missiles and laser beams with quick boosts and seamlessly swapping between targets with the mouse. The ability to pace out ranged attacks and control various actions simultaneously on the mouse buttons creates a sense of synchronicity between the player and their mecha.

One of the key advantages of the keyboard and mouse controls is the freedom it provides in terms of movement and attack pacing. Unlike controller inputs, which limit players to two or three concurrent actions, the keyboard and mouse setup allows for a multitude of actions to be executed simultaneously. This opens up a world of possibilities, such as leaping between buildings, chaining evasive dodges into assault boosts, and performing devastating drop kicks.

The mouse also plays a crucial role in controlling the camera, providing more precise movement and allowing players to adjust their mecha's facing with ease. The visual effects that accompany these movements make the action on the screen instantly readable and enhance the overall gameplay experience.

While Armored Core 6 does lose some depth from previous games in the series, the increased responsiveness of the keyboard and mouse controls more than compensates for it. The game's momentum-based movement system, coupled with the lightning-quick rotation speed, creates a thrilling sense of weight and power.

However, there are some control issues that could be improved. The ability to activate core expansions with a single input, rather than the current default key combination, would greatly enhance the fluidity of gameplay. Additionally, the lack of options to bind one command to multiple key inputs is a limitation that could be addressed in future updates.

Overall, Armored Core 6 sets a new standard for mecha game controls on PC. The use of keyboard and mouse provides players with unparalleled precision, versatility, and immersion. It is a breakthrough for FromSoftware's PC releases and will make it difficult for players to imagine controlling their mechas any other way.


– Title: “Armored Core 6: The Superiority of Keyboard and Mouse Controls”
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