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ARuVR and Lenovo Provide Updates on XR Technologies for Learning and Development

London-based ARuVR and global tech giant Lenovo recently shared their latest updates on virtual, augmented, and mixed reality (VR/AR/MR) technologies. ARuVR, formerly known as Virtuoso, offers comprehensive end-to-end XR solutions for virtual learning. Their hardware, software, and scalable solutions have been praised by multinational companies for their ability to deploy and manage upskilling programs efficiently. Lenovo, known for its volume of computer technologies, has made a significant impact in the enterprise XR market with its ThinkReality platform.

ARuVR's focus is on learning and development use cases for enterprises. They aim to create engaging training courses that go beyond traditional passive learning methods. By combining face-to-face interaction, digital content, and XR technology, ARuVR aims to increase engagement and retention rates for learners.

Lenovo, on the other hand, has established itself as a pioneer in spatial computing solutions with its all-in-one ThinkReality platform. The company offers a range of XR devices, including smart glasses and mixed reality headsets. Lenovo's ThinkReality cloud and software platform empower enterprises to deploy, manage, and upload content for XR devices at scale.

These updates highlight the advancements made by ARuVR and Lenovo in the XR arena. Their solutions have proven to be valuable for enterprises, allowing them to leverage XR technologies for immersive learning experiences and efficient training programs.

Source: XR Today (no URL provided)