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ASUS Republic of Gamers Collaborates with Evangelion for New Hardware Collection

The ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) is once again joining forces with the popular anime franchise Evangelion to release a new collection of gaming computer hardware. Fans can expect to see a variety of Asuka and Unit 02-themed items hitting the market before September 2023.

The lineup includes a range of premium Evangelion-themed hardware, starting with the ROG Thor 1000w Power Supply and the ROG Scabbard II mouse pad. Both feature classic Evangelion designs, adorned with the NERV logo and font. The collection also includes the ROG Keycaps for RX switch keyboards, featuring Asuka's signature black and red theme, with the character showcased on the space bar.

Other notable items in the collection include the Harpe Ace Mouse Grip, the Strix Scope keyboard, the Herculx graphics card holder, and the Ryujin III 360 CPU cooler. Additionally, there will be an RTX™ 4090 with Unit 02 decals and the Maximus Z790 Hero motherboard, featuring illustrations of Asuka and an AT field design.

The Unit 02-inspired Hyperion PC case, packaged in an ROG x Evangelion box, completes the lineup. With intricate details alluding to Asuka's Eva and the collaboration between ROG and Evangelion, the Hyperion PC case is a standout piece in the collection.

This collaboration is not the first between ROG and Evangelion. In 2022, they released a Unit 01-themed lineup of hardware. Additionally, Evangelion partnered with the Japanese company Answer to release a fight stick. Given the popularity and limited availability of Unit 01-themed goods, it is expected that the Unit 02 hardware will also sell out quickly.

Fans eagerly anticipating the new ASUS ROG x Evangelion collection can look forward to its release in late September 2023.

– ASUS ROG social media account