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ASUS ROG Ally: A Powerful Gaming System at a Discount

The ASUS ROG Ally, a highly anticipated gaming system, is now available at a discounted price. Best Buy is offering “Open Box: Excellent” units for just $615.99, saving you $84 or approximately 12% off the original price.

Despite being a new model, the ASUS ROG Ally is already being offered at a reduced price. While availability may vary depending on your location, it appears that most regions have it in stock for immediate delivery.

The open box units are in excellent condition, with all the original parts and accessories included. The packaging is typically intact, making it almost indistinguishable from a brand new product.

One advantage of purchasing an open box item from Best Buy is their generous return policy. You have 15 days to return the product if you're not satisfied, similar to the policy for brand new items. However, if you are a My Best Buy Plus or Total member, you have an extended period of 60 days for returns.

Comparing the ASUS ROG Ally to the Steam Deck, the choice depends on your gaming preferences. In terms of hardware, the ROG Ally outperforms the Steam Deck with its 7″ 1080p 120Hz display and AMD Z7 Extreme CPU.

Additionally, the ROG Ally runs on the Windows 11 OS, allowing you to install various Windows-based game launchers such as Steam,, Xbox Games Pass, Epic Games Store, GOG, and Ubisoft Connect. This feature makes the ROG Ally more appealing to gamers who enjoy playing games not available on Steam.

If you're looking for a powerful gaming system at a discounted price, the ASUS ROG Ally is a great choice. With its impressive hardware specifications and compatibility with multiple game launchers, it offers a versatile gaming experience.