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Atlas Fallen: Mixed Reviews for New Action RPG

The recently released action RPG, Atlas Fallen, has received a mixed response from critics. Reviews across the PS5, Xbox, and PC versions of the game have seen it being labeled as “unremarkable” and landing in the 7/10 range.

While the design fundamentals of Atlas Fallen are considered solid, critics have expressed disappointment with the game's approach to open-world exploration and combat. Many have compared it to other games in the genre, noting that it doesn't bring anything new to the table.

Some reviewers have likened their experience with Atlas Fallen to a “weekend rental,” suggesting that while the game is interesting and worth trying out, it may not be worth purchasing. They describe it as a game that hits the mark for action fans but lacks that special touch to make it stand out.

Reviewers from various outlets have highlighted both positive and negative aspects of the game. Player 2 gave it a B+ rating, praising the engaging story and action-packed adventure. WellPlayed gave it a 7.5, commending Deck13's ability to craft interesting mechanics and enjoyable combat. On the other hand, Press Start and Checkpoint Gaming gave it a 6, expressing concerns about the repetitive mission structure and lackluster narrative.

International outlets also shared similar sentiments. Kotaku US criticized the game for feeling like a rehash of familiar open-world mechanics. Rock Paper Shotgun described it as a game that provides some excitement, particularly in combat, but ultimately falls short compared to other open-world titles available. IGN also awarded it a 7, highlighting its solid technical performance and impressive combat.

Overall, while Atlas Fallen exhibits solid gameplay mechanics and enjoyable combat, it fails to bring anything new or groundbreaking to the genre. Its lackluster story and repetitive missions may deter players seeking a more unique experience.