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Ayaneo Kun: The Steam Deck Competitor with Improved Battery Life and Features

The Ayaneo Kun, a new handheld gaming PC, is aiming to challenge the Steam Deck with its impressive battery life and array of features. While previous challengers failed to match the Steam Deck's battery life, Ayaneo claims that the Kun can last nearly three and a quarter hours at 15W TDP, almost double the battery life of the Steam Deck at that wattage.

The Ayaneo Kun boasts a large 8.4-inch, 2560 x 1600, 500-nit, 90 percent DCI-P3 color IPS screen, providing a visually immersive gaming experience. To enhance ergonomics, the Kun features bigger grips, dual touchpads with distinct buttons, quad back buttons, beefier triggers, and a kickstand reminiscent of the Nintendo Switch. It also includes a Windows Hello front-facing camera for face login and streaming, Hall Effect joysticks and triggers to avoid drift, HD linear motors for rumble, and an optional 4G module for cellular connectivity.

Equipped with an AMD Ryzen 7840U chip and a massive cooling system, the Kun can push the APU up to 54 watts in turbo mode, offering a potential boost in framerates. However, Ayaneo advises against using the 54W mode as the main TDP. The Kun also offers ample storage options with a full-length M.2 2280 SSD slot, supporting up to 8TB of internal storage.

The Ayaneo Kun is priced starting at $1,209 for 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage, with early bird prices starting around $200 lower. It will be available for crowdfunding on September 5th. However, it is important to note that crowdfunding projects can come with risks and delays, so it is advised to use caution when backing such projects.

Overall, the Ayaneo Kun presents a strong challenge to the Steam Deck, offering improved battery life, a high-quality display, and a range of features that appeal to gamers. While Ayaneo has had a mixed track record with previous handheld gaming PCs, their continuous improvements and dedication to hardware development show promise for the Kun.

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