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Baldur’s Gate 3: An Inside Look at the Console Adaptation

Baldur’s Gate 3 has finally made its way to PlayStation 5, with an Xbox release set for later this year. In a recent blog post by Larian Studios, Product Manager Emily Gera details how the highly anticipated console release has been adapted for players.

One of the main considerations in bringing the game to consoles was making sure it worked well with controllers. With over 600 spells and numerous actions, player interaction is paramount. To address this, the developers made sure to design controller support from the beginning. The user interface was streamlined, using radial menus to create a more native feel for the controller.

The PlayStation DualSense controller offers additional features to enhance the gameplay experience. The trigger button brings up a radial menu with essential tools such as the map, journal, character sheet, and combat log. These features are easily accessible for quick reference during gameplay. Customization options for the radial menus allow players to organize their preferred tools based on their individual play style.

The controller adds character to the game by responding in unique ways. For example, if your character is using magic in battle, the light bar on the controller will change to reflect the color of the spell being cast, based on its damage type or intent. During intense moments, the brightness of the light bar increases, and the haptics offer a more immersive experience.

Important options like tactical view and dialogue history were also carefully considered for the console adaptation. The top-down tactical view can be accessed by zooming out the camera using the right stick. Common interactions such as examining objects or jumping are mapped to the d-pad for easy access.

For players who prefer a more traditional approach, there is even a cursor mode available. This allows players to control their character using a point-and-click style on the console, similar to the gameplay style of the original Baldur's Gate series.

Baldur's Gate 3 is now available for PlayStation 5 and PC, offering console players the opportunity to explore the immersive world of the popular CRPG.

– CRPG: Computer role-playing game.

– Larian Studios' blog post, published on the PlayStation Blog.