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Bang-On Balls Chronicles: A Highly Anticipated, Groundbreaking Game Experience

Exit Plan Games, in collaboration with Untold Tales, has unveiled an exciting announcement that has gamers buzzing with anticipation. Bang-On Balls: Chronicles, set to be released on October 5th, 2023, promises to deliver a gaming experience like no other. Available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch, this game offers a unique blend of open-world exploration, combat, platforming, and scavenger hunts.

The team behind Bang-On Balls Chronicles is composed of seasoned developers, who have previously worked on acclaimed titles such as The Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077, Gears of War, and Bulletstorm. Drawing from their experience, the developers have created a diverse gameplay experience, enriched with elements of character customization and a collect-a-thon adventure.

An interesting aspect to note is that, even in its Early Access phase, Bang-On Balls Chronicles has already garnered a remarkable 97% Overall Positive rating on Steam. This level of acclaim speaks volumes about the game's quality and reception among players.

Damien Monnier, Studio Co-Founder of Exit Plan Games, shares his excitement, saying, “Our dedication to delivering games with quality and intricate design has always been our driving force. Despite transitioning to indie development, we remain committed to creating captivating and extensive game worlds. Bang-On Balls Chronicles exemplifies this commitment, offering players a wide range of engaging activities in a fun-filled environment. Whether players seek quick, relaxing gameplay sessions or immersive 40+ hour journeys, this game caters to all.”

Set to be released in October, Bang-On Balls Chronicles will take players on a thrilling adventure through time, exploring feudal and modern Japan. The game culminates in an epic showdown against a formidable Kaiju, an exciting event that will be offered to PC gamers for free.

Here are some highlights of the game:

  • Dynamic 3D platforming with precise controls, delivering an unparalleled combat experience.
  • Explore destructible open-world maps, each with its unique theme, mechanics, and secrets.
  • A wealth of content: Engage in intense battles, discover hidden secrets, and embark on diverse missions.
  • Experience history through maps set against historical backdrops such as the Vikings, Pirates, and now, Feudal Japan.
  • Customize your character with over 400 items, ensuring a unique and stand-out appearance.
  • Join friends in 4-player online co-op or enjoy 2-player split-screen action.

Bang-On Balls Chronicles is set to revolutionize the gaming experience, offering players a multitude of exciting adventures and thrilling moments. With its release right around the corner, gamers everywhere eagerly await the opportunity to embark on this groundbreaking journey.


Exit Plan Games

Untold Tales


– Definitions –

AAA: Refers to high-budget video games produced and developed by major studios.

Early Access: A phase in video game development where players can access and play a game before its official release. This allows developers to gather feedback and make improvements.

Kaiju: A term in Japanese fiction that refers to a giant monster or creature, often portrayed in popular culture.