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Bard Set to Receive Exciting Changes in League of Legends Update

League of Legends players who enjoy playing Bard will soon have even more exciting opportunities to roam, catch enemies off guard, and fully embrace the identity of the champion. Riot Games has announced a series of changes that will enhance Bard's fantasy gameplay, providing players with a more enjoyable experience.

The upcoming update will primarily focus on Bard's passive and W ability. Bard's passive will receive a significant boost, increasing from five to 10 stacks and lasting for a full 20 seconds. This change will provide players with more flexibility and strategic options during gameplay. Additionally, Bard's Caretaker's Shrine ability will now start with two charges, but with a longer cooldown. This modification aims to enhance Bard's healing options and support their AD carry.

These changes are designed to reinforce Bard's role as a roaming champion. The adjustments encourage players to actively seek out chimes and embrace the roaming playstyle, particularly when the bot lane is struggling. With the AP scaling ratios introduced on Bard's W ability, leaning towards AP builds may be more rewarding in the future.

To fully maximize Bard's potential as a roaming machine, it is advisable to pair him with an AD carry who can maintain their safety during the laning phase. Champions like Ezreal, Lucian, and AP carries such as Ziggs, Karthus, and Seraphine can excel in this role.

As these changes roll out, Bard players can look forward to an enhanced and more engaging gameplay experience. The update allows Bard to capitalize on his strengths and encourages a strategic and dynamic playstyle that will keep players immersed in the world of League of Legends.

– Izabela Tomakic, Staff Writer & World of Warcraft Lead, Dot Esports.