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Best Classes and Builds in Diablo 4 Season of the Malignant

Diablo 4: Season of the Malignant has been out for some time now, and it has received mixed reactions from players. Despite the initial balance patch having some negative impact, there are still plenty of viable builds to explore. Whether you're aiming to level up the season pass or conquer Nightmare Dungeon tiers, there are options available to you.

Four out of the five classes are currently viable for high-tier Nightmare dungeons, with the Sorcerer being the only exception. However, upcoming buffs for the Sorcerer may make it worth trying in the future. In the meantime, it's recommended to explore other classes.


Rogue is arguably the best class in the game right now, rivalled only by Druid. It offers excellent crowd control and damage. One standout build for Rogue is Death Traps, which is considered an improvement over the popular Twisting Blades Rogue build. The key difference is that Death Traps offers a slower playstyle, which may not appeal to those accustomed to Twisting Blades.

Death Traps focuses on a slower but heavy-hitting playstyle. It is beginner-friendly and becomes more powerful past level 50 with the addition of paragon points. This build may struggle initially, but its potential becomes evident as you progress.

You should play Rogue if:
– You enjoy crowd control builds.
– You want to provide group utility to your co-op teammates.
– You seek infinite Ultimate uptime.
– You want to deal massive damage.


Thorns Barbarian with the Caged Heart of Revenge and Caged Heart of Ignoring Pain provides a unique and enjoyable melee playstyle. The build allows enemies to attack you and perish from their own damage. Some of the Caged Hearts synergize well with Thorns Barbarian builds, but it may take some time to find the right setup.

This build is also effective in PvP, as foolish attackers will be quickly defeated. You can even bait opponents into attacking you, resulting in their immediate demise.

You should play Barbarian if:
– You prefer to play as a tank class.
– You want a relaxed experience without cooldown management.
– You seek a build with no Uniques.


Tornado Druid continues to dominate the meta with its straightforward playstyle and high area-of-effect (AOE) damage. However, the reliance on acquiring a Tempest Roar can be a challenge. Without it, Lightning Shred is the go-to build. Obtaining Tempest Roar may require significant time and luck, but it greatly enhances the power of Tornado Druid.

Future seasons are expected to introduce a way to farm specific items, which should alleviate the reliance on RNG for acquiring Tempest Roar.

You should play Druid if:
– You enjoy self-sustaining characters.
– You prefer to play a tank class.
– You want high mobility.


The infamous damage of Bone Spear Necromancer has been significantly reduced, affecting the archetype's survivability. However, it remains one of the best builds for massive single-target damage. Nonetheless, it's worth considering trying out the Infinimist build for a new experience.

Infinimist builds in Season of the Malignant offer faster AOE clearing compared to previous seasons, thanks to the Caged Heart of the Decrepit Aura. This heart synergizes well with the build, reduces cooldowns, and helps maintain permanent Blood Mist uptime.

You should play Necromancer if:
– You want a tanky build with speed.
– You seek massive AOE damage.
– You enjoy a proactive playstyle.


Sorcerer currently finds itself in a challenging position. While it offers a comfortable experience during leveling, it faces difficulties in the endgame. The class requires multiple defensive tools to survive, and the recent nerf to Cooldown Reduction has impacted popular Sorcerer archetypes. It's recommended for new players to explore other classes until the class receives buffs that create viable endgame builds.

Know Your Goals Before Finalizing A Build:
Not every player aims for Nightmare Dungeon Tier 100 or battles Uber Lilith. It's possible to make any class or build work as long as it provides enough synergy and meets your damage expectations.

A recommended choice for this season would be Druid or Rogue, with a slight preference for Rogue due to its proactive playstyle and less reliance on unique items. Rogue offers top-tier damage and performs well in various situations. Additionally, it's relatively inexpensive to respec into a different build within the Rogue class.

Ultimately, choose the class that brings you the most enjoyment in the game. If you want to get creative and develop your unique build, feel free to do so. This is precisely what the seasonal model in Diablo 4 aims to offer.