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Best Pulse Rifles in Destiny 2 for PvE and PvP

Pulse Rifles in Destiny 2 offer a medium to long-range option with a competitive time to kill. They are strong in PvP and capable in PvE, although missing a shot can leave you vulnerable. Most Pulse Rifles are best used at a fair distance from the enemy, as Scout Rifles and Snipers excel at extreme ranges.

For PvE content, some Pulse Rifles stand out. The Disparity is a top choice with its access to the Desperado perk, which increases the rate of fire after a precision final blow. The Graviton Lance is an Exotic rifle that dominates both Crucible and PvE, with its Cosmology trait that can kill three enemies in one burst. The Battle Scar is a top-tier 450 RPM Pulse Rifle that is difficult to obtain but has strong stats and powerful traits like Kinetic Tremors. The Bad Juju is the best Exotic Pulse Rifle for PvE, thanks to its String of Curses perk that refills the magazine, grants Super energy, and boosts damage. The Insidious, obtained from the Vow of the Discipline Raid, is an incredible 450 RPM Pulse Rifle that can roll Dragonfly in the third slot.

In PvP, Pulse Rifles are a staple choice for their competitive time to kill and range. The Different Times is a craftable weapon with Moving Target and Headseeker perks that make it strong in the Crucible. The BxR-55 Battler is another craftable Pulse Rifle that feels amazing to use and has high stats and versatility. No Time to Explain, although not the top choice anymore, remains a reliable Pulse Rifle that can kill enemies in two bursts. The Autumn Wind, a Rapid-fire Frame archetype, excels in close to medium-range gunfights and can hold its own against meta SMGs. The Graviton Lance, even after its Season 20 buff, remains the best Pulse Rifle in PvP with its range, stability, and AOE capabilities.

These Pulse Rifles offer a variety of options for players in both PvE and PvP, allowing them to find the best weapon for their playstyle.