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Best Sniper Support Weapon in Warzone 2 Season 5: The FR Avancer

Season 5 of Warzone 2 has brought a new assault rifle (AR) that FaZe Booya believes is the perfect sniper support weapon. The Signal 50 sniper rifle dominated the NA & EU Stage 2 Finals of the World Series of Warzone, despite not receiving a nerf from Raven Software in this season.

To counterbalance the popularity of the Signal 50, the developers introduced the Carrack .300 as a competitor in the latest seasonal update. Pro players have already started incorporating this new sniper rifle into their loadouts for tournaments.

However, to fully optimize a sniper loadout, players need a good support weapon. FaZe Booya suggests giving the FR Avancer a try in Season 5. According to Booya, this assault rifle is the perfect weapon for supporting snipers in Warzone 2.

The YouTuber describes the FR Avancer as a solid mid-range option, which lacks effectiveness in close-range and long-range encounters. This makes it ideal for a sniper support role.

Booya also shares his favorite FR Avancer loadout, including specific attachment tuning. His preferred loadout includes the Echoline GS-X muzzle, FSS Sharkfin 90 underbarrel, 5.56 Hollowpoint ammunition, FR Sprinter stock, and 45-Round Mag magazine. He mentions that players have the option to swap the Sharkfin underbarrel for the FTAC Ripper 56, but he personally prefers the former for better aim walking speed and recoil stabilization.

Overall, the FR Avancer is deemed by FaZe Booya as the best sniper support weapon in Warzone 2 Season 5 due to its mid-range effectiveness. Players looking to enhance their sniper loadouts should consider giving it a chance. For more details on the Season 5 patch notes, players can refer to the full Warzone 2 patch notes.