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Best Teams for Galarian Stunfisk in Pokemon GO

Galarian Stunfisk is a popular choice in Pokemon GO's competitive battling scene. Despite being considered a terrible pick in the main series, it performs exceptionally well in Niantic's mobile game. However, simply including Galarian Stunfisk on a team does not guarantee success. Trainers need to consider other Pokemon that work well with Galarian Stunfisk in different leagues.

In the Great League, a good team for Galarian Stunfisk includes Medicham and Dubwool. Medicham is a strong safe switch and has synergy with Galarian Stunfisk. Dubwool serves a similar purpose and can be positioned on the team accordingly. It's important to be mindful of Dubwool's weakness to Fighting types and the matchups between the other team members. This team composition offers good bulk and damage potential.

In the Ultra League, Galarian Stunfisk still holds its ground as a top-tier Pokemon. A viable team for Galarian Stunfisk in this league includes Cresselia and Altered Giratina. Both Cresselia and Altered Giratina are tanky Pokemon that provide diversity in move sets. Cresselia offers Fairy and Grass attacks, while Giratina boasts Ghost and Dragon moves. This combination ensures that the team is not easily countered by any one defensive pick.

It's worth noting that Galarian Stunfisk is not viable in the Master League due to its combat power limit in Pokemon GO.

These team compositions are subjective and reflect the opinions of the writer. Trainers can experiment with different Pokemon and strategies to find the best team that suits their playstyle and the meta of each league.

– Sportskeeda