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Bethesda Commits to Long-Term Support and Updates for Starfield

Bethesda has confirmed that they have no plans to abandon Starfield anytime soon, assuring fans that the game will continue to receive updates and improvements in the coming years. Despite having just been released, the studio is already actively listening to feedback from players and making significant changes to enhance the gaming experience.

One of the most requested features that Bethesda will be adding to Starfield is a Field of View (FOV) slider for PC players. This will allow players to customize their viewing angle and make the game more comfortable to play. There are also plans to include ultra-wide support for 32:9 monitors, improving compatibility for those with wider screens.

Additionally, Bethesda is focusing on quality-of-life improvements in response to player feedback. For example, players have expressed a desire to eat food without having to access the inventory menu. The studio is taking note of these requests and aims to make Starfield more player-friendly by implementing changes that address these concerns.

Furthermore, there is a possibility that city maps will be introduced in the future. Currently, navigating cities in Starfield can be confusing due to a lack of maps or guides. While Bethesda has not confirmed a timeline for this addition, they are aware of the community's interest and are considering the implementation of city maps.

Bethesda is also planning to release the official creation kit mod tools for Starfield in early 2024, allowing players to further customize their gaming experience. Mod support will be available for Xbox consoles, enabling players to enjoy user-generated content on their preferred platforms.

In a statement, Bethesda expressed their gratitude for the overwhelming response to Starfield and assured fans that they are committed to supporting the game for years to come. They encourage players to continue providing feedback to help shape the future updates and improvements.

– Bethesda confirms plans to update and improve Starfield over time
– Field of view slider and other features to be added to Starfield
– Quality-of-life improvements and player feedback in Starfield
– Potentially adding city maps to Starfield
– Creation kit mod tools and mod support for Starfield
– Bethesda commits to long-term support for Starfield