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Bethesda Plans Longevity and Mod Support for Starfield

Bethesda's Todd Howard recently discussed the company's approach to ensuring the longevity of their upcoming game, Starfield. Drawing insights from successful titles like Skyrim and Fallout, Howard stated that people want to play these games for an extended period. With this in mind, Bethesda is intentionally designing Starfield to be a game that players will enjoy for years to come.

One significant factor in extending a game's lifespan is mod support, which Bethesda is widely known for in their open world RPGs. Howard acknowledged the impact of mods in expanding games like Skyrim and expressed that they understand the gaming community's desire to enhance their experiences by adding mods. The team is looking to incorporate a similar mixture of official and modded add-ons for Starfield, although official mod support may take some time to implement.

While Bethesda aims to support Starfield for at least five years, they are also considering the game's evolution over time. Howard emphasized the importance of being prepared and embracing the changes that will occur in three months, six months, a year, and beyond. The developers recognize the passion of both their community and themselves in continually improving and expanding the game.

Bethesda's approach to long-term support and mod integration suggests that they are committed to delivering a game that will captivate players for years to come. With the anticipation surrounding Starfield, it's evident that Bethesda is positioning the game to be a lasting and immersive experience.

Source: GamesRadar (no URL provided)