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Bethesda Releases Hotfix Update for Starfield and Teases Future Features

Bethesda has released a hotfix update for their highly anticipated sci-fi game, Starfield, targeting stability issues specifically on the Xbox Series X/S versions. In addition to the hotfix, the update also addresses known issues with certain questlines.

In a blog post, Bethesda also revealed a glimpse into the future updates for Starfield. These updates will include much-requested features such as brightness and contrast controls, an HDR calibration menu, FOV slider, Nvidia DLSS support for PC, and 32:9 ultrawide monitor support for PC.

One intriguing addition mentioned in the blog post is the “eat” button for food, which hints at a feature related to nourishment and survival mechanics within the game.

Furthermore, Bethesda has been working closely with Nvidia, AMD, and Intel to ensure driver support for Starfield, ensuring future stability and performance improvements. This collaboration underscores the studio's commitment to providing a quality gaming experience for players.

Bethesda also stated that they are actively listening to fan feedback and considering additional features for future updates, although their current focus is on bug fixes and stability. They have also confirmed plans to introduce in-built mod support for all platforms, which will be similar to the support offered in previous Bethesda games like Skyrim and Fallout 4. This comprehensive mod support is slated for an early release next year.

The release of this hotfix update and the promise of future features reflect Bethesda's dedication to delivering a polished and enjoyable gaming experience in Starfield. Players can expect an enhanced experience with improved stability, performance, and quality-of-life features in the near future.

– Bethesda Blog Post