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BGMI Redeem Codes for August 14

After the release of the 2.7 update of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), a new Dragonball collaboration event called Dragon Ball Super Discovery has gone live. Players have the opportunity to earn Dragonball-themed rewards such as Goku and Vegeta characters. This event is expected to run until October 11, giving players ample time to participate.

To earn these rewards, players can either spend UC or use the Dragon Ball Exclusive Crate Coupon to obtain one of two different crates – Dragon Ball Super Crate A or Dragon Ball Super Crate B.

Dragon Ball Super Crate A rewards players with sets like Son Goku Character Set, Vegeta Character Set, Super Siyan Son Goku Character Set, Super Saiyan Vegeta Character Set, Frieza Character Set, as well as other rewards such as graffiti, emotes, scrap, and silver fragments.

On the other hand, Dragon Ball Super Crate B offers rewards like the Ultimate Gohan Character Set, Piccolo Character Set, Upgradable Shenron DP-28, and Kintoun.

In addition to the Dragonball collaboration, BGMI players can also grab redeem codes for August 14, allowing them to obtain weapon skins, vehicle skins, emotes, outfits, in-game credits or UC, and other rewards without any cost.

To grab these redeem codes, players need to visit the official BGMI website and enter their BGMI character ID. They can then paste the redemption code for the desired in-game reward, enter the captcha/verification code, and submit. Once done, the redeemable prizes can be collected through the in-game mail.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to earn exciting Dragonball-themed rewards and grab redeem codes for additional in-game items in BGMI.