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Bloodborne Running at 60fps on PS5: The Elusive Achievement

A group of dedicated individuals has been tirelessly working to accomplish the seemingly impossible task of running FromSoftware's popular PS4-exclusive game, Bloodborne, at a locked 60 frames per second (1080p) on the PS5. This secret war has been fought in the shadows for years, combining the tenacity and technical skills of the Soulslike community.

Two prominent figures, Lance McDonald and Illusion, have successfully achieved this feat. Through their expertise and complex methods, McDonald initially developed a patch that has now been successfully inserted into a retail PS5 by Illusion. The result is truly remarkable: Bloodborne running at a smooth 60fps in full 1080p.

However, it is important to note that modding your PS5 is a serious risk and not recommended. Despite the achievement of these modders, it is always safer to stick to official channels for game improvements.

The question remains: what is it about Bloodborne that drives this level of dedication and obsession within the gaming community? The desire to explore the unknown and push the boundaries of what is possible seems to be a significant factor. Share your thoughts on this topic in the comments section below.