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Briar, the New League of Legends Champion, Has a Poor Win Rate

Briar, the latest champion to join the League of Legends roster, made her debut in Patch 13.18 on September 13. However, her initial performance has been less than stellar. Currently, Briar has the lowest win rate among all jungle champions, standing at a meager 35.81 percent, according to the stats site U.GG. In addition to her low win rate, her pick rate is a concerning 2.8 percent.

While some players believe that Briar's poor performance is to be expected due to her recent release, others point to her complex abilities as a main factor. One player on Reddit noted, “She has an int button on W/Ult, no innate regen, and requires knowing when to pull out of a fight to be effective. Unsurprising she seems so bad for novices.” It seems that Briar's playstyle heavily relies on timing and understanding when to retreat from a fight, which can be challenging for less experienced players.

Even Riot Games themselves warned players about Briar's difficulty level. In her Champion Spotlight video, David “Phreak” Turley mentioned that Briar is designed around the concept of losing control to gain power and emphasizes the importance of timing in her gameplay.

It is likely that players are still in the process of learning how to effectively play Briar and master her abilities. However, it is also possible that she is currently undertuned and may require adjustments before she can make a significant impact on the meta.

In conclusion, Briar's poor win rate as the new League of Legends champion can be attributed to both her recent release and her intricate mechanics. As players become more familiar with her gameplay, her performance may improve. Additionally, Riot Games may consider implementing adjustments to better balance her in the game.

Source: U.GG statistics, Reddit discussions, Riot Games' Champion Spotlight video