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Broforce Forever: A Hilarious and Explosive Update

Broforce is a 2D pixel shooter that was released in 2015. It was a humorous and action-packed game that paid homage to classic action movies. The game took inspiration from Team America: World Police and gave players an outrageous cooperative experience, where they had to spread democracy to the world with extreme prejudice.
Now, eight years later, a free update called Broforce Forever has been released. This update introduces new playable characters, more explosions, and additional content that embraces the spirit of freedom. The campaign has been expanded with new unlockable features, and four challenging levels have been added for players to spread democracy even further. Additionally, numerous bugs have been fixed to ensure a smoother gaming experience.
To fully enjoy all the new content, players are encouraged to start a fresh game. This will allow them to dive into the updated campaign, experience the new challenge levels, and unlock the new Bros.
If you are a fan of guns, eagles, flags, and freedom, and if you played Broforce when it was first released, this update is sure to make you shed a single patriotic tear of joy. So, get ready to unleash your inner action hero and embark on a hilarious and explosive adventure in Broforce Forever.