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Brooks Koepka’s Wife, Jena Sims, Prepares for the Ryder Cup

Brooks Koepka, the five-time major champion, is having a remarkable year both on and off the golf course. In addition to his success in LIV Golf and winning the PGA Championship, he recently celebrated the birth of his first child with his model wife, Jena Sims. As Koepka gears up for the upcoming Ryder Cup, Sims has been keeping their fans updated and excited through her social media posts.

Known for her lively and witty personality, Sims often entertains her followers with joyful moments and humorous posts. In a recent social media story, she shared a picture of herself with Koepka, expressing her excitement for the Ryder Cup. Sims playfully joked about needing more time to pick out her outfits for the event. She has been meticulously preparing and curating her wardrobe for their trip to Rome, where the Ryder Cup will take place.

Sims has also been giving sneak peeks of her Ryder Cup gear on social media. She unveiled a new Ryder Cup bag adorned with the event's logo and her updated initials, showcasing her enthusiasm for the tournament. She expressed her excitement and anticipation for what's inside the bag. Sims has been actively engaging with her followers and ensuring that she and their fans stay engaged and ready for the highly anticipated event.

As Koepka focuses on his preparations for the Ryder Cup, Sims is supporting him and keeping their fans buzzing with her updates and posts. Their journey as new parents and their shared excitement for the upcoming tournament adds another dimension to their already eventful year.

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