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Bungie Teases New Incubation Project: Team-Based Action Game in Sci-Fi Fantasy Universe

Bungie, the developer behind the popular game Destiny, has recently hinted at an upcoming “incubation project” that is set to be a team-based action game in a sci-fi fantasy universe. The announcement was made on Twitter, where the company stated that they are currently hiring for this new project and are looking for new team members to join them in the incubation process.

According to Bungie, this new game draws inspiration from various genres, including fighting games, platformers, MOBAs, life sims, and frog-type games. The developer also mentioned that the game will have a lighthearted and comedic world, aiming to create a friendly and inclusive community.

As an incubation project, the game is still in the early stages of development and may undergo further building and testing. Bungie emphasized their commitment to a digital-first future and their willingness to allow remote work, without a return to the office mandate.

In addition to this new project, Bungie is also actively hiring for other small project teams, giving potential recruits the opportunity to contribute to building a new type of game for the company.

This announcement comes after Destiny 2 game director Joe Blackburn released an apology video addressing the community's concerns regarding a lack of resources and updates. Blackburn acknowledged that the previous State of the Game blog post did not meet players' expectations and promised a free PvP map pack for the upcoming year.

While awaiting the release of The Final Shape, the final DLC for The Light and Darkness Saga in Destiny 2, players can explore the guide for the best PvE weapons in the game and also check out other FPS games that are currently available.

In summary, Bungie has teased a new incubation project that will be a team-based action game set in a sci-fi fantasy universe. The game will draw inspiration from various genres and aim to create a lighthearted and inclusive community. Bungie is actively hiring for this project and other small project teams, offering the opportunity to work remotely. Destiny 2 players can look forward to future updates and the upcoming release of The Final Shape DLC.