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Bungie Ventures into New Territory with Gummy Bears: A Departure from their Usual FPS Titles

Bungie, known for their groundbreaking work on the popular Halo franchise and the action-based MMOs Destiny and Destiny 2, is now venturing into new territory with their upcoming game, Gummy Bears. While the studio has garnered a massive following with their first-person shooter (FPS) titles, they are now trying their hand at a different genre.

Based on early details shared on Bungie's official Twitter page, Gummy Bears is set to be a team-based action game with a science-fantasy universe. The game draws inspiration from various genres, including fighting games, platformers, MOBAs, life sims, and frog-type games, all wrapped up in a light-hearted and comedic world.

This ambitious project is a departure from Bungie's usual development style. However, the studio's enthusiasm and excitement about the game's creation are evident from their tweets.

Bungie has made a significant impact on the gaming industry with their previous titles. With Halo, they revolutionized PvP modes, both offline and online, as the popularity of online gaming grew. They also introduced the Halo Championship Series, allowing gamers to compete globally and win prizes.

With Destiny, Bungie focused on a cooperative experience for three players, encouraging teamwork to complete missions and explore the game's vast worlds. The game has thrived with multiple DLC projects, with the upcoming release of “The Final Shape” in January 2024.

While Gummy Bears is unlikely to be available on Xbox due to Destiny's multi-platform presence, it is expected to be released on PC. Furthermore, special characters from PlayStation's exclusive titles may make appearances in the game via DLC.

Though details about Gummy Bears are still limited, it appears that Bungie may be developing a game with a Super Smash Bros-style multiplayer experience in mind. Whether it's a standalone game or a collaboration with Fortnite, gamers can anticipate a chaotic and exciting multiplayer experience.

As a highly respected studio, Bungie's foray into a new genre is welcomed by fans. With their track record of delivering successful titles and engaging sequels, anything they bring to the table in a multiplayer setting is likely to be a winner.

Overall, the announcement of Gummy Bears from Bungie signals an exciting new IP that pushes the studio out of their comfort zone. Fans eagerly await further updates on this intriguing project.

– Bungie's Official Twitter Page.