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Burn Drive Genesect Raid Guide for Pokémon GO

A new Season of Pokémon GO has begun with adventures abounding. As part of the season, Burn Drive Genesect returns to Tier Five raids, and this raid guide will help you defeat this Mythical Raid Boss.

To take down Burn Drive Genesect, you will need a team of strong Pokémon. The top ten counters for Burn Drive Genesect include Mega Blaziken, Mega Charizard Y, Reshiram, Shadow Moltres, and more. It's recommended to power up these counters as much as possible for maximum effectiveness.

If you don't have access to Mega Pokémon or Shadow Pokémon, there are ten additional non-Shadow and non-Mega counters that can help you defeat Burn Drive Genesect efficiently. These include Heatran, Darmanitan, Chandelure, and Moltres.

While Burn Drive Genesect can be defeated with just two trainers, it's best to have three or more players unless you have the strongest counters at maximum CP. Using the Circle Lock Technique and Golden Razz Berries can increase your chances of catching the Pokémon. Shiny Burn Drive Genesect has an approximate rate of one in 20, and the best IV stats for this Pokémon have a CP of 1916 in normal weather conditions and 2395 in boosted conditions.

So gather your team, prepare your counters, and take on the challenge of defeating Burn Drive Genesect in Pokémon GO!

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