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Call of Duty: Lara Croft Operator Bundle Can Be Carried Forward to Modern Warfare III

The Call of Duty franchise has seen a steady influx of content recently, with the ongoing installment receiving numerous maps, modes, weapons, and Operator skins. The Season 5 Reloaded update introduced even more Operators for players to choose from, including a character based on Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider series.

As part of a collaboration, Lara Croft has made her way into the COD universe with a bundle filled with rewards for players. These rewards can be used in both Modern Warfare II's Multiplayer and Warzone battle royale modes. Additionally, players who want to continue with Lara in the future will be pleased to know that they can “carry forward” their Lara Croft Call of Duty bundle to Modern Warfare III.

The developers have confirmed that purchased bundles and cosmetics from Modern Warfare II will be usable in Modern Warfare III. This means that players who have the Lara Croft Operator bundle can bring her to the next installment, along with her iconic weapons, emblem, and stickers.

The Lara Croft Operator bundle in Modern Warfare II includes items such as the “Ice Axe” melee weapon, “Mythic Defender” SMG, “Mach-5” dual pistols, “Play for Sport” finishing move, “Tomb Buggy” vehicle skin, loading screen, sticker, and emblem.

To obtain Lara Croft's Operator in Modern Warfare II, players can unlock the bundle by using 2,400 COD Points in the game's store. If players do not have enough points, they will need to purchase them for $19.99.

While fans eagerly await the release of Modern Warfare III, they can get a taste of its content during next month's Open Beta phase, which will be available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms from October 6 to October 16.

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