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Can Black Frieza beat MUI Goku?

Based on their initial confrontation, Black Frieza currently seems to have the upper hand in raw strength over MUI Goku. However, Goku has the greater potential to improve further and important advantages like allies which could ultimately allow him to win in a rematch.

Black Frieza‘s Massive Power Level

In his new Black Frieza form, Frieza displays a staggering level of power that far eclipses all of his previous levels according to fan calculations. Some power-scaling specialists estimate that Golden Frieza was around 400,000,000 units during the Tournament of Power. This means:

1st Form Frieza 500,000
Final Form Frieza 120,000,000
Golden Frieza 400,000,000
Black Frieza 1,200,000,000+ (estimated)

For comparison, current MUI Goku is estimated in the range of 1,000,000,000 based on his battles against Moro and Granolah. So Black Frieza could have a significant power advantage of 20% or more over Goku – a huge edge by Dragon Ball standards!

Of course, these numbers are speculative. But the speed which Black Frieza dispatched him makes it clear this is by far the greatest power Goku has ever faced. I‘ll break down the details of their fight scene later.

Goku‘s Room To Grow

While Black Frieza sits at the pinnacle of his race‘s evolution, Goku is still rapidly improving both his Ultra Instinct technique and his raw Saiyan power. After each battle, Goku grows stronger and refines his skill. He‘s been able to surpass multiple foes who overwhelmed him like Jiren or Broly after training focused on their fighting style.

Against Black Frieza, Goku now has a benchmark to gauge how much further he needs to push Ultra Instinct. Knowing Goku, he will be eager to rematch Frieza again after intense training with Whis to refine his instincts, reaction speed, and power output. I estimate he can likely close the 20% or so gap between them with a few months of dedicated training.

Contrasting Battle Tactics

Based on previous fights, Goku and Frieza have very different combat styles that could create openings for each other. Let‘s analyze some of their signature attack patterns:

Goku‘s Typical Moves

  • Rapid hand-to-hand attacks and kicks from multiple angles
  • Quick aura blasts while engaged in close quarters combat
  • Heavy downward smash blows for finishing attacks
  • Teleporting behind opponents to strike their blind spot
  • Firing circular energy beams that can be aimed mid-flight

Frieza‘s Typical Moves

  • Barrages of rapid fire energy blasts from range
  • Long delay before strikes, then sudden rapid attacks
  • Dense circular energy rings to restrain foes
  • Rapid direct punches and kicks with no variation
  • Intimidation techniques like mutant transformations

You can see how Frieza tends to leave himself open after major attacks, while Goku‘s constant movement and teleporting make him a hard target to pin down. Playstyles could influence the outcome.

The Supporting Cast Factor

Based on past arcs, we should never underestimate the potential for one of Goku‘s numerous allies jumping in to lend a hand when he‘s in dire straits. Frieza on the other hand has virtually no loyal allies who would aid him in a pitched battle.

Some key fighters like Vegeta, Gohan, or Piccolo aiding Goku could help turn the tide. And that‘s not counting powerhouses like Beerus or Whis intervening if Frieza‘s rampage threatened the balance of the universe. Numbers provide a key advantage.

My Takeaway as a Dragon Ball Fan

Seeing Black Frieza in action blew me away! The way he froze Goku and Vegeta in place before they could even react shows just how insanely powerful this form is. I immediately jumped online to check what other fans were saying about his strength compared to MUI Goku.

But I should remember that Goku has taken down enemies stronger than him plenty of times before, like Broly recently. I trust that Goku and Vegeta will be back in the hyperbolic time chamber soon training to unlock power that can match Black Frieza. It may take teamwork, but I‘d bet on Goku to ultimately overcome this challenge as he always does!

The next few chapters are sure to be an intense ride. As a lifelong Dragon Ball fan, I love discussions like this about the crazy power levels characters achieve. I can‘t wait to see what happens next! Let me know which fighter you‘ve got your money on.